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Indonesia has highest capex on crude and natural gas projects in Southeast Asia

Indonesia has highest capital expenditure (capex) on planned and announced crude and natural gas projects in Southeast Asia over the period 2018–2025, according to GlobalData
oil and gas pipeline

Russia will contribute 75% of Former Soviet Union’s oil and gas pipeline additions to...

Russia is forecast to add the highest trunk pipeline length in the Former Soviet Union oil and gas pipeline industry between 2018 and 2022
energy system

Electricity is the new oil: Digitalisation and the world’s energy system

Dr Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council discusses the impact of digitalisation on the future of the energy system and argues that electricity is the new oil
China's shale gas

Challenges keep China’s shale gas at early stage of development

China’s upstream industry is turning to natural gas as a way to reduce air pollution created by the consumption of coal. However, despite the progress made in the shale gas industry, China has been facing challenges to develop efficient shale gas extraction, observes GloablData
Global Recycling Day

Countdown continues to world’s first ever Global Recycling Day

The initiative from the Bureau for International Recycling (BIR) will call on the world to think “resource” not “waste” when it comes to recycling

Let’s be honest: gas and oil are not going anywhere, anytime soon

Danny Pay, Director of Maximus Green outlines energy efficiency towards gas and oil is a realistic approach to going ‘green’ for all applications

Decommissioning offshore oil and gas platforms: is this the best approach?

Daniel Bastreri, marine consultant with Thomson Unicomarine, considers whether the complete removal offshore structures during decommissioning is the best solution for marine ecology. The benefits of leaving disused offshore installations in the North Sea should be re-examined in light of years of data and information from monitoring programmes for the...
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Maintaining momentum in the North Sea

There is plenty of life left in the North Sea oil and gas industry, insists UK Minister of State for Energy, Andrea Leadsom MP The oil and gas industry is an essential part of the Government’s plans to provide a secure, reliable energy source to UK homes for decades to...
Oil and gas union leaders hold talks in Aberdeen

Oil and gas union leaders hold talks in Aberdeen

The future of the oil and gas industry will be discussed today in Aberdeen after it was announced hundreds of workers face job losses. Today, union leaders will meet to discuss the ongoing threat to jobs and the long term security of the UK's energy supply after the announcement that...

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