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Here, Ilesol Pharmaceuticals discuss how they became the first European cannabinoid company to unlock this sector of the market

In times like we had this spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major feeling of uncertainty at the global level, it was to be expected that the market for cannabinoid oils would expand further. Even before the crisis, 65% of European CBD consumers already used it for relaxation and stress relief, and now, with a new set of circumstances, the number of people with anxiety syndrome is likely to present a sharp growth.

It is to be expected this market growth results in higher demand for oils and tinctures, as they already represent the first choice in 53% of consumers, but the recent developments in legal regulation for cosmetics seem to be very promising, and could easily be followed by new product developments, as well as the sharp rise in figures regarding new consumers. The industry is standing at the beginning of the grand new catch-all marketing era, armed with numerous advantages.

However, before attaining a great market victory with the most innovative and swiftly adopted product, every entrepreneur needs to make basic and informed choices about the profile of his or her end product. We are there to help.

CBD oil formulations

There has been a lot of talk about the enormous potential of CBD in the health, beauty, and food industry. The latest scientific research brings strong reassurance for product development on many different levels. An average consumer is more and more likely to get interested in that oil everybody is talking about, with numerous possibilities of bringing health and well-being to their lives. Here is a short, basic introduction to the world of CBD oils.

CBD oil formulations consist of basic ingredients and additives. Basic ingredients are CBD extract, Purified CBD (ingredient with non-detectable or very low THC content), and base oil. CBD extract is the most important ingredient of CBD oil. The quality and composition of CBD extract dictate the quality and organoleptic properties of CBD oil.

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals formulates the oils with extracts which are semi-products in the various purification stages of the raw extract. The most common CBD oil on the market is a product that we call Natural oils. Natural oils are formulated with de-waxed extract, and it is usually not decarboxylated. Removing the waxes is important, because the product is much more pleasant to taste, and the consistency of the oil is very stable and homogeneous.

Top-quality full-spectrum CBD oil is Purified oil. These oils are produced using very pure and highly concentrated (55%-75% total cannabinoids) extract, which was purified in the several stages of molecular distillation and filtration processes. Pure oils are formulated using either chromatography fraction with non-detectable THC or with CBD isolate.

Importance of base oils

The importance of base oils can easily be overlooked when choosing your final product. However, base oil should never be underestimated. In their basic, underlining way, they make a product what you want it to become, for the market you wish to create. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to base oils, and our customers need to be informed about that, as well as how to order a product that will sweep the market and become a lighthouse signal your company wishes to send.

When it comes to base oils, Ilesol Pharmaceuticals can offer any base oil our buyers wish. The most popular base oils are hemp seed oil, cold-pressed and refined, MCT oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. Some more exotic oils are also used in the formulations e.g. grape seed oil, black cumin oil, shea butter, etc.

This opens a whole world of new choices, depending on who your final customers are, and what are their business priorities. For a spa that uses CBD in massage oils and butter, cold-pressed hemp oil might seem deficiently attractive. On the other hand, cold-pressed hemp oil can sometimes present a perfect choice for a company that produces its line of natural hemp-based cosmetic products. Our customers enjoy total freedom in their choice of base oil.

Vitamins and additives

Of course, customers keen on food supplements, as well as on cosmetic products would be interested in vitamins and additives added to their final product.

The inclusion of different additives has become a common practice in the production of CBD oils. Those can be other plant extracts, e.g. curcuma extract or aromas. All the aromas our company uses in the production process are natural. All the vitamins that are soluble in oil can be added to your end product.

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals offers custom made oils in any potential and with any ingredients soluble in oil. The same refers to flavors and base oils. From the start, we are committed to providing our clients with specifically formulated products. This business model made us known as the 1st European cannabinoid à la carte company. Our biggest markets are the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Poland.

Consider CBG

Furthermore, Ilesol Pharmaceuticals provides our clients with a CBG product line identical to the CBD line, which includes oils, extracts, and isolates, as well as custom made products. We can provide any combination of products containing CBG and CBD and minor cannabinoids in any proportions.

Our quality assurance department takes care of the quality of our products, traceability of all materials. We buy our hemp biomass exclusively from organic producers. We use organic base oils available on the market. We use the services of a third-party lab, and we have an in-house lab that controls our production processes, and the processes of product formulation or end-consumer products.

Go white-label

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals mostly provides our clients with white-label CBD products. Our retailers are advised to produce their design of labels and packaging. One of our greatest advantages is the ability to provide our customers with large quantities of products in the shortest time notice. The minimum order is set at 100 items and there is no upper limit.


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