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Following the latest legislative and market trends, Ilesol Pharmaceuticals has developed a new product with a shiny future in the CBD industry

Europe with its 512 million potential consumers represents the second biggest market for CBD products in the world. According to the latest research by New Frontier Data, 16% of Europeans have already used CBD products by 2020.

When it comes to preferred means of consumption among CBD consumers in Europe, oils and tinctures are by far the most popular products. Currently, 53% of European CBD consumers are using CBD as oils and tinctures, while 23% of them rather choose pills and capsules.

Quality above all

Also, the research shows that the quality of CBD products is of the highest importance to European consumers, with 75% reporting it to be their primary concern. The second most important factor is dosing accuracy, and the third is a possible presence of contaminants.

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals, the leading Croatian producer of CBD oils and isolates, uses cutting-edge extraction and purification technologies in order to meet the highest industry standards for their buyers.

“We are highly aware of all the present concerns and demands on the market. Being part of this industry from the start, we have no problem adjusting to recent market demands. On the contrary, we welcome these steps forward in consumer awareness as a clear sign that the market is developing towards our projections, and we are happy to be at the forefront of these developments. It’s an exciting time for the industry in whole. Recently, our clients demonstrate a growing demand in customised formulations containing ingredients like vitamins, exotic compounds, and other plant extracts. Due to changes in legislation, there is more and more interest in cosmetic formulations, like toothpaste, cremes, lip balms, lotions, shampoos, etc. Our next step is faster business development towards meeting those demands”, says Ilesol Pharmaceuticals CEO Sasha Bajilo.

Trust in labels

While quality, dosing accuracy, and the possible presence of contaminants are the most important factors for more than 70% of European CBD consumers, the legal status of CBD products and the presence of THC in those products remain significant concerns. Approximately half of the consumers indicated that such concerns impacted the frequency or doses at which they use CBD and the brands they purchase.

In the UK, The Food Standard Agency recently recommended the usage of no more than 70mg a day, which is about 28 drops of 5% CBD, unless medical conditions demand otherwise.

As consumers’ conscience about dosage accuracy is now one of the biggest issues for the B2C companies, it is important for companies like Ilesol Pharmaceuticals to provide their buyers with the most accurate levels of compounds.

“Apart from the third party accredited analytical methods, we use an in-house analytic lab with HPLC. That way we can obtain the most exact measures for different ingredients in custom orders depending on our client needs”, explains Bajilo.

The next big thing will be a great rise in cosmetic CBD products, he presumes. “Since the recent change in legislative concerning COSING list and the UN convention 1961, now we have a new ingredient with no restrictions – cannabis leaf extract. This will lead to a boom in cosmetic formulation demands’’, said Bajilo.

Extensive experience

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals is an industrial scale producer of full-spectrum CBD and non-detectable THC products. They work with a number of companies from the European Union and the UK, providing them with the highest quality CBD oils and isolates. With extensive experience in hemp cultivation, whole plant processing, extraction, industrial-scale compound purification, and pure substance isolation, they have found the key to the customers’ complete satisfaction.

Their CBD oil formulations are being produced using a supercritical CO2 extraction. The extraction method is known for delivering pure, clean, and safe products because CO2 acts as a cleaning agent, and destroys all microbial bacteria and moulds. Products obtained from supercritical CO2 extraction are favoured by the food and beverage, as well as medical industries because it is guaranteed there is no residual solvent present on them. Because of that, the extract will be purer than the products obtained with any other extraction method.

New product development

Depending on the client’s needs, Ilesol Pharmaceuticals provides buyers with oils produced with a base of cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil, refined hemp seed oil, MCT oil or any other base oil.

When it comes to the legality of their products, the company guarantees that total THC content in their products is smaller than 0,2% with possibly lower THC levels at the client’s request. Also, they can provide products with non-detectable THC and CBN levels.

Ilesol Pharmaceuticals also provides its clients with isolated cannabinoids that are used as an intermediate in the production of end products. The company obtains isolates in the chromatography purification process.

With a vision of future market developments, the company actively searches for best new products for their clients, and they are proud to present one of a kind.

“Our new product is an extract standardised on five cannabinoids – CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and THC. We can easily say we are pioneers in that field since there are none such products in the market at the moment. We believe that in future the standardised extracts will be used as ingredients on a much bigger scale”, said Bajilo.

Ilesol’s products are the pinnacle of CBD quality and enable their customers to buy wholesale CBD products straight from the manufacturer, meeting the highest quantity demands, the company points out.


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