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Creating a safer online world: is further government regulation the answer?

With users experiencing significant levels of harassment across digital platforms, the Online Safety Bill (OSB) is currently the only government regulation answer for online spaces.
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Establishing GDPR compliance through identity governance

Managing identities and access rights have become crucial to ensuring GDPR compliance in today's data-driven world.
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How can educational institutes build online safety for students?

The Online Safety Bill has raised questions about the importance and impact of technology on improving online safety for students.
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Public sector organisations shouldn’t rely on mobile-based authentication

It is crucial that effective measures are put in place to counter the strength of modern cyber threats, not just relying on mobile-based authentication.
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Healthcare’s road to recovery: why identity security is critical

Months after a ransomware attack hit parts of the NHS, the effects are still being felt – how can better identity security improve safety?
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Data-driven Government from Unit4 ERP

Sally Murdoch, Public Sector Director from Unit4 discusses breaking down silos to create a data-driven culture in government and public administration.
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Girls in data: Inspiring the future of female data science

Hannah Alexander, Junior Data Scientist at Ascent, shares her journey into data and gives insight for young women to join the tech movement early on and revolutionise female data science.
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Pivotal Solutions’ strategy for providing high quality software and support

Software Consultant Paul Wallace, explains how Pivotal Solutions Limited have cultivated 20 years of success through high quality software and forming good relationships with customers.
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UK Online Safety Bill returns to Parliament: Who is most at risk?

This month the UK’s Online Safety Bill will return to Parliament and the news can’t come soon enough for children and young people at risk from online harm and abuse.
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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are you prepared?

Martin Roots, Managing Director at the Expede Group, discusses cybersecurity awareness, walking us through different cyber attacks and how to prevent them efficiently.
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Digital Transformation and true digitalisation – the need of the hour

Juan Ignacio Moreno, UK Country Manager at Innova-tsn, discusses the process of true digitalisation.

Looking ahead: What has the pandemic taught us about online access?

Mike Taylor, Senior Accessibility Analyst, Comms and Training Manager at Digital Accessibility Centre, discusses online access and its benefits since COVID.
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Open-Source Software: An introduction

Samuel Leach, Director of Samuel & Co Trading, provides a helpful introduction to the world of Open-Source Software.

Bridging the citizen journey: Addressing technical debt within the public sector

While a lack of funding has been a key barrier, the need to integrate legacy systems and the mammoth scope of many projects have also slowed down progress. On top of this, the failure of some iconic digital projects has created a hesitancy to adopt new technology.
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Esports at the Commonwealth Games: A step in the right direction?

Last weekend’s Commonwealth Esports Championships marked yet another milestone for the world of competitive video gaming.
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Digital healthcare adoption requires better security

Though the UK public is taking the right step in embracing digital healthcare, more trust is needed in the security of digital services.
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Why the government is backing open source software

The use of open source software has exploded in recent years, with an estimated €1 billion invested in open source technology within Europe in 2018 alone This trend is only growing stronger, as organisations look to access the benefits of agility and scalability that non-proprietary code can offer. Since open source software is...
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Russian disinformation tackled by new website laws in the UK

New UK laws will require social networks and websites to look for and remove Russian disinformation, including a new criminal offence of 'foreign interference'.
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Online Safety Bill delay should not halt safeguarding

Why the delay to the Online Safety Bill should not halt organisations efforts in safeguarding minors on the web.
The benefits of cyber security awareness training with universities

The benefits of cyber security awareness training within universities

This eBook explores the ever growing importance of ensuring adequate cyber security awareness training within universities.

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