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plant protection

How right-sizing regulation can optimise plant protection

Greg Rosenthal of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service explains how right-sizing regulation can optimise plant protection
Himalayan balsam

The threat of invasive species to biodiversity: Biological control of Himalayan balsam

Alan Gange, Amanda Currie & Nadia Ab Razak (Royal Holloway, University of London), Carol Ellison, Norbert Maczey & Suzy Wood (CABI Bioscience) and Robert Jackson & Mojgan Rabiey (University of Reading) discuss the threat of invasive species to biodiversity, including the biological control of Himalayan balsam.
Department of Botany and Plant Sciences

University of California Cooperative Extension

As a land-grant institution, the University of California Cooperative Extension specialists are dedicated to the welfare, development and protection of California agriculture and are the outreach arm the University of California’s Agricultural and Natural Resources program (UC ANR; http://ucanr.edu) University of California Cooperative Extension (CE) specialists are headquartered at UC...

Natural colours from cellulose

Silvia Vignolini, Reader in Chemistry and Biomaterials at University of Cambridge explores the wonderful world of colour and how it affects our perception and mood Colour is a powerful communication tool, it deeply affects our perception of the world, stimulating our senses. It is not by chance that since the...
plant disease

Nanoparticles – a new weapon to fight plant disease and increase yield

Wade Elmer of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station explores the effects of nanoparticles on health, the environment, and plant disease
minor cereals

How can minor cereals enhance diversity and contribute to human nutrition

Dagmar Janovská and Martina Eiseltová from HealthyMinorCereals project explain the scope of their research concerning five minor cereals

Madrid’s Royal Botanic Gardens: An institution for learning

Julia Gil Hernández, Head of Protocol- Royal Botanic Garden, (CSIC), shares how the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid are a key centre for research

Biomass to Energy in Finland

Mika Järvinen Associate Professor at the Department of Energy Technology at Aalto University details how new technologies can further increase biomass potential Reducing fossil CO2 emissions in our energy systems has driven research to new ways of biomass conversion to form methane and bio-oil. Up to now, the technologies applied, gasification 1...
Plant-based diet could reduce greenhouse gases

Plant-based diet could reduce greenhouse gases

New research has revealed that diets high in sugar, fats, oils, and meat will increase greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Scientists from the University of Minnesota have published research in the journal Nature that suggests the impact of climate change can be reduced by eating less...
planting forest

Four million new trees to be planted in 2015

Government is investing £30 million to support the planting of 2,000 hectares of new woodland. As part of the investment two hundred thousand hectares of existing woodland will also be protected or improved. The investment will support landowners – including charities, local authorities and businesses – in their commitment to planting...

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