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Psychologist making notes during therapy session

Childhood trauma increases risk of mental disorders by three times

Suffering childhood trauma, either psychologically or physically, can increase the risk of mental disorder development in adulthood by as much as three times.

How the pandemic changed our personalities

The long-standing hypothesis on personality traits may need re-evaluating after a study claims that the pandemic changed our personalities.
Woman in exercise gear sitting on floor behind weights using health app to guide her workout.

What behavioural economics has to offer to the NHS

At the centre of behavioural economics is an understanding that people do not always make rational decisions - here's how it could help the NHS.
Antivaxxers holding sign at protest reading 'GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU SAY NO TO THE VACCINE SAVE THE CHILDREN'

Overconfidence lends itself to anti-scientific views

Overconfidence bolsters anti-scientific views as the further an individual strays from science, the stronger their opinions become.

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