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sizzling solar corona

Astronomy: Mysteries of the Sizzling Solar Corona

Professor Shadia Habbal from Institute for Astronomy – University of Hawaii, explores and introduces the Mysteries of the Sizzling Solar Corona.
galaxy formation simulations

Supercomputer simulations: Closing in on the story of our cosmic origins

Prof Romeel Davé, Chair of Physics at the University of Edinburgh explores how supercomputer simulations help to reveal how galaxies like our Milky Way arose from the Big Bang Why does the Universe look the way it does? This fundamental question has captivated humankind from the earliest days, spawning creation...

Astrophysicists say habitable planet could be only 16 light years away

Astrophysicists at the University of Texas at Arlington are predicting that a star system featuring a habitable planet could be just 16 light years away

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