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Crypto assets and the regulator’s role: Ignore, regulate or kill?

Dr. Paolo Tasca and Professor Tomaso Aste from the UCL Centre for Blockchain in London, share their expert views on crypto assets and the regulator’s role in this vein

Blockchain technology for the public good: Design constraints in a human rights context

Tomaso Aste and Geoff Goodell from University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies share their views on why blockchain technology is for the public good and about the fundamental design constraints and digital identity protocols in a human rights context

Blockchain technologies for automatic regulation and compliance 

Professor Tomaso Aste from The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies shares his perspective on the use of blockchain technologies for both automatic regulation and compliance Blockchain technologies have the potential to radically change compliance and regulation improving efficiency, reliability and transparency whilst redefining the services industry landscape generating new business...

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