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ageing continent

Europe: An ageing continent

Thanks to the economic and social progress we have made, life expectancy has increased. However, ageing often comes with health issues and restricted mobility – a challenge not only for the elderly and their families but also for society.
apprenticeships in the UK

The crucial role of apprenticeships in the UK

Chief Executive of the Association of The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), Mark Dawe details the crucial role of apprenticeships in the UK today

Social mobility survey exposes pessimism amongst young people

A survey into social mobility has revealed that half of Brits believe that your background determines success
300,000 disabled people in unsuitable homes

300,000 disabled people in unsuitable accommodation

A new report has revealed that around 300,000 disabled people are living in accommodation that does not meet their needs. A report published by charity Leonard Cheshire Disability has accused the government and housing developers of failing disabled people. In 'No Place Like Home', the charity called for the government to...

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