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phishing scam

HMRC warns of tax refund phishing scam

HMRC is asking people to stay alert to a recent email and text scam which has been tricking thousands into handing over their savings
healthcare trends

Six healthcare trends expected in 2018

Like last year, 2018 is expected to bring about further uncertainty and risk for America’s healthcare industry. Issues like the healthcare act, tax reform, cybersecurity, and a marked increase in opioid deaths will shape the future of the healthcare sector

The future of accountancy in the digital landscape

This article will explore how the changes to the accountancy sector in a modern digital world affects how clients interact with accountants and the day to day changes to accountants jobs
cryptocurrency regulations

France introduces strict cryptocurrency regulations to fight tax evasion

French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire wants a new legal framework for cryptocurrency regulations to overcome tax evasion and terrorist funding The finance minister has ordered France's central bank chief to design the new regulations framework cautioning against 'risk of speculation and possible financial manipulation' associated with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency sceptics have...
workplace productivity

We’re working more than ever – but we’re losing workplace productivity

Against a backdrop of lethargic growth and productivity, is technology the answer to unlocking future gains in workplace productivity? In 2014, a Bank of France study reported an “impressive slowdown” in developed countries’ workplace productivity growth between 2000 and 2014.  In the period between 2007 and 2013, multi-factor productivity (MFP)...
Finnish Economy

The outlook of the Finnish economy

Finland’s Ministry of Finance lifts the lid on the current phase of rapid growth of the Finnish economy and their expectations for the same in 2018
Council tax on second homes doubled by Lib Dems

Lib Dems to double second home council tax

The Liberal Democrats will give local authorities the power to charge more council tax on second homes A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats insisted a new policy that would give local authorities the right to charge more council tax on second homes is not aimed at attacking holiday property owners. The...

Delivering services online

John Chilver, Deputy Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources at Buckinghamshire County Council, tells why it is vital that the fight continues to convince taxpayers and staff to do business with the Council online Everyone is on the internet these days, aren’t they? Isn’t it true that new technology is old...

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