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Kwasi Kwarteng holds is head in his hands

Kwasi Kwarteng sacked as chancellor ahead of mini-budget U-turn

Kwasi Kwarteng has been sacked as chancellor, just weeks after he announced the controversial mini-budget.
Mini shopping trolley sitting on top of laptop piled high full of mini cardboard boxes

Public procurement: CCS technology frameworks

Open Access Government provides an update on Crown Commercial Service technology frameworks, as part of the wider picture of public procurement in the UK.
Calculator and £5 notes laid flat

What does the mini budget mean for you?

The mini budget is the phrase on everyone's lips; but what does it actually mean, and how will you be affected?
Black background with stack of British pound coins in varying amounts

British pound sterling drops to record low

The British pound sterling has hit an all-time low, but what does this actually mean? And how has this happened?
British pound notes and coins

Why is the value of the British pound falling and what is a mini...

The British pound has fallen below the US dollar, as the Tory ‘mini budget’ enacts the biggest tax cuts seen in 50 years.
Miniature people : Businessman planning work process. Image use for finding solution/solve, innovation for business.

Britain’s medium-sized innovation businesses: Held back from achieving full potential

Tris Dyson, MD of Challenge Works, argues that Britain’s medium-sized innovation businesses are being held back from achieving their full potential.
graduating students in the UK

Student loan interest rates to be capped at 6.3%

From September 2022, there will be additional cuts to student loan interest to protect borrowers from rising inflation rates.
Woman spraying pesticides in a field

The EU must enforce a pesticide tax

Experts warn that the EU agriculture sector is stuck in "permanent pesticide-dependence," and that major flaws exist in the current attempts to reduce the use of pesticides across the EU.
wealthiest generation, diamond jubilee generation

The Diamond Jubilee Generation: the borrowed success of the wealthiest generation

As the wealthiest generation in Britain, the Diamond Jubilee Generation's opportunities and government policies vastly differ from generations after them.
cigarette taxes, child death

Higher cigarette taxes could prevent 182,000 child deaths, globally

Child death rates could be reduced by higher cigarette taxes - as regions with the lowest tobacco tax also have the worst child health issues.
global tax abuse, tax evasion

Money lost to global tax abuse could prevent 600,000 child deaths

Millions of lives around the world could be improved by tackling global tax abuse – including greater access to basic sanitation and more children in schools.
uk inflation 7%, lower income households

It’s expensive to be poor: UK inflation to reach 7% in 2022

Inflation, tax, energy, gas, food, and travel costs are all expected to rise in 2022 – hitting lower income households the hardest across, with UK inflation at 7%.
carbon tax on diesel

The rural burden of disproportionately higher carbon tax on diesel

Carbon tax on diesel increased in rural areas, highlighting that rural households often disproportionately share carbon tax prices when urban areas pollute more.
nappy tax

Why nappy tax is not an efficient method to tackle climate issues

Guy Schanschieff MBE, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bambino Mio, discusses why introducing a nappy tax on disposable nappies is not the best way to tackle climate issues.
furlough fraud

Furlough fraud: Can IT modernisation help find HMRC’s lost £27 billion?

Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist, Boomi, details how HMRC can modernise their IT systems to help recoup the billions lost in furlough fraud.
private sector firms

What the new IR35 off-payroll regulations mean for private sector firms

Debbie Sadler, senior associate in the employment team at Blaser Mills Law, discusses what the new IR35 off-payroll regulations mean for private sector firms and how they can ensure compliance.

How to avoid a ‘have I got a good idea for you’ scheme

Crawford Temple, CEO and founder of Professional Passport, outlines the importance of looking carefully at the credentials of a provider claiming to be an umbrella firm and understand what is really being offered.
new Off-Payroll

Navigating new Off-Payroll to stay on course for business success

Dave Chaplin, CEO, IR35 Shield, offers his expert advice for hiring firms now that we are over a month into the new Off-Payroll tax legislation.
Spring Budget

How will this years Spring Budget impact EV consumers and businesses?

Tanya Sinclair, Policy Director UK & Ireland at ChargePoint, discusses what the 2021 budget announcement means for consumers and businesses regarding EVs, and how to apply and gain access to the subsidies from a business and personal perspective.
umbrella company

How does the Off-Payroll legislation effect umbrella companies?

Crawford Temple, CEO and founder of Professional Passport, outlines what an umbrella company is and how the umbrella model works with reference to the Off-Payroll legislation changes.

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