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girl with a prosthetic leg

Treating children with blast injuries with prosthetic innovations

Imperial College London opens its first-ever centre designing prosthetic innovations for child blast injuries occurring in conflict zones.
Lviv, Ukraine - March 3, 2022: A long line of people wait to board a train to Poland in Lviv, Ukraine.

Using social media to track internal displacement in Ukraine

What happened to the displaced and vulnerable populations who remained inside Ukraine after the war? Researchers look to social media to track displacement in Ukraine.
Gas bubbles up from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in September 2022 following the blast

Who is responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline attack?

The Kremlin blames the West for the Nord Stream pipeline attack, and Ukraine denies involvement - so who was responsible?
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (KhMAO) in Western Siberia. The Salym Petroleum Development Company joint venture between Shell and the Russian oil company Evikhon (a subsidiary of Sibir Energy). Oil production on Upper Salym oilfield

One year on: Impact of the Ukraine war on global energy prices

Kyushu University analyses the impact of the Ukraine war on global energy prices and social surplus using the monthly input-output model of 56 sectors in 44 countries.
National flag of Ukraine with background of clear blue sky

Horizon Europe and Ukraine partnership strengthened with new Kyiv office

2023 will see the European Commission open a new Horizon Europe programme (HE) office in Kyiv, supporting research and innovation across Ukraine.
Ukraine war casualties and buildings torn

UK donates medical supplies to civilians affected in Ukraine war

The UK is sending vital medical supplies to civilians and soldiers attacked in the Ukraine war, to help treat casualties of the Russian offensive.
gas stove indicating energy crisis

Managing the energy price rises in Europe

Open Access Government delve into how the European Commission tackled 2022’s dramatic energy price rises.
British pound sterling coins with a red downward arrow. Uk economic crisis

Can the Bank of England save the day by raising interest rates?

Raising interest rates could curb rising inflation in the UK – but will this help with struggles arising from the conflict in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis?
young person suffering depression and bad mental illness

Time to proactively prioritize mental health

Jackie Mellese, Communication Manager at Mental Health Europe, argues that within the current context of a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), we must prioritize mental health and make it everybody’s business.
Computer data security concept

National security needs a dose of innovation to deal with tomorrow’s threats

Saj Huq, head of innovation at Plexal discusses national security amongst nation states, and the need for better technology, ideas and innovations.
Ukrainian refugees photographed behind steamed up glass

Resilience: What can be learnt from the national response in Ukraine?

Resilience is the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions - what can the UK learn from Ukraine's national response to war?
Computer Security Cyber Attack by Toy Soldiers

Protecting against cyber threats from nation states

Looking at the cyber threats posed by nation states, organisations must assess their own risk and prioritise defences against them accordingly.
Phone showing Putin on screen propped up by gas stove

Another Cold War: EU to cut gas use by 15%

EU to cut gas use by 15% in response to Putin's weaponisation of energy exports - moving one step closer to reducing dependency on Russian energy.
Hacking the Internet, website hacker.

Russian disinformation tackled by new website laws in the UK

New UK laws will require social networks and websites to look for and remove Russian disinformation, including a new criminal offence of 'foreign interference'.
Man lighting stove with match.

Turn it off! EU energy rationing and Russia

Energy rationing is on the cards as Russia continues to use energy as a weapon by limiting supplies in response to EU sanctions.
russia ukraine

First NATO summit since Russia Ukraine war

Allies promise to back Ukraine at first NATO summit since Russia invaded Ukraine, but this is not enough to stop Putin.

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