UK to join US President’s Carbon Management Challenge

Wind turbines in an offshore wind park producing energy
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The Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps confirms the UK will be partnering with President Biden on the Carbon Management Challenge upon a visit to the US

President Biden has announced his plans to remove and store global carbon emissions in the United States in the ‘Carbon Management Challenge’ – fostering better energy security.

The Carbon Management Challenge supports countries like the UK and US, that are making efforts to cut carbon emissions and innovate new carbon removal and capture technologies, to be moved underground.

The Carbon Management Challenge announced today by the White House is a big step forward in the battle against global warming, according to Joseph McMonigle, the International Energy Forum Secretary General.

Joining this challenge is Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps, who says the UK will join to improve renewable energy efforts, including offshore wind.

The Energy Security Secretary has plans to discuss how the UK and California – the world’s fourth largest economy – can co-develop renewable technologies under the Carbon Management Challenge.

Carbon storage is worth £8 billion to the UK economy

The UK has one of the largest carbon storage potentials, including under the North Sea, of any country in the world.

The UK has capacity to hold up to 78 billion tonnes of carbon, allowing them to dive into new industry potentials, worth £8 billion to the UK economy and produce around 50,000 new jobs.

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Aiming to reduce the dependency on foreign fossil fuels, the UK aims to move the global energy market toward renewable technologies – which could also cut national household bills.

Grant Shapps is meeting senior members of the Biden administration, including Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in Washington DC yesterday (Wednesday), and California Governor Gavin Newsom today (Thursday).

Cleaning up carbon-intensive industries

Grant Shapps will point to the UK’s world leading expertise in renewable energy, including offshore wind, and is expected to discuss how the UK and California – the world’s fourth largest economy – can work closer together on renewable technologies.

6 UK companies have become partners so far, including:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Deloitte
  • The Aveva Group
  • Rio Tinto
  • National Grid
  • Ernst & Young

These British businesses are carbon-intensive industries, and are working in the Carbon Management Challenge to reduce their impacts.

UK and US collaboration toward renewable technologies

In Washington DC yesterday, Grant Shapps discussed with US Secretary of Energy Granholm regarding destabilizing Putin and delivering cheaper, cleaner energy for both the UK and US.

Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, said: “Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine has had the exact opposite effect from what he wanted – rather than wilting in the face of his tyranny, we’ve stood firm and united and are neutralising his blackmail.

“Our resolve has strengthened our relationships around the world, and nowhere more so than with the United States, where we are forging ever-closer links to deliver cleaner, cheaper, and more secure energy – ensuring the likes of Putin can never again hold the world to ransom.

“We’re world leaders in renewable technologies and by supporting President Biden’s Carbon Management Challenge we are taking a step closer to realising our huge potential and be at the forefront of this exciting industry of the future.”


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