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UC Davis Department of Molecular Biosciences

The Department of Molecular Biosciences serves as the academic home for all nutritional, physiological chemistry, and pharmacologic and toxicologic programs of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis. The goal of the Department of Molecular Biosciences is to study fundamental biological processes and their perturbations by mutations, nutrition, drugs...
Michael W Bruford

Michael W Bruford – Cardiff University, School of Biosciences

I am a molecular ecologist interested in studying the demographic and evolutionary processes affecting populations, species and ecosystems of conservation concern We focus on understanding the determinants of genomic diversity, population structure and fitness across species and at a variety of spatio-temporal scales, including studying the behaviour and movements of...
structures of protein complexes, 3D structures

Computational methods for modelling 3D structures of protein complexes

Here, we learn about Daisuke Kihara, Professor of Biological Sciences and Computer Science at Purdue University, who develops state-of-the-art computational methods for modelling 3D structures of protein complexes.

Combination of remdesivir and hep C drugs effective against COVID-19

A combination of remdesivir and drugs for hepatitis C virus (HCV) have presented strong effectiveness against COVID-19 in a new study.
Marijuana use

Marijuana use during pregnancy: The cannabis conundrum

Dennis R. Carty, Ph.D. and Pamela J. Lein, Ph.D., University of California, highlight the rising trend of marijuana use during pregnancy and the implications surrounding it.

The potential long-term environmental health consequences of urban wildfire debris

Birgit Puschner and Pamela Lein from the University of California, Davis share their expert views on the impacts of urban wildfire on chemical contamination in small backyard agriculture.
air pollution on the brain

An emerging environmental health concern: Impacts of air pollution on the brain

Anthony S. Wexler and Pamela J. Lein from the University of California share their expert views on the impacts of air pollution on the brain Air pollution is a complex mixture of gases and particles in the atmosphere. Air pollutants are defined as compounds known to be deleterious to human...
systems biology research test tiubes

Ten years in systems biology research at BioQuant

Heidelberg University describes 10 years of successful systems biology research and education at their BioQuant Center Systems biology research facilitates the discovery of yet unknown principles of complex biological systems, by connecting the experimental life sciences with mathematics, bioinformatics, engineering and computation. Quantitative experimental data are translated into mathematical models...
environmental justice, african american

Environmental Justice: Abandoning exclusivity for inclusive community-based solutions and approaches

Here, Tanya Khemet Taiwo, Bianca Yaghoobi, and Pamela J. Lein at University of California, Davis, discuss how to decolonise environmental justice.
viral vaccines, viral disease

Tailoring the Immune System

Here, Professor Pamela Lein at University of California, Davis, explains how viral vaccines work - especially when it comes to human viral disease.

How does research in biochemistry fit into the wider goals of the NIH?

Open Access Government looks into the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)’s Biochemistry and Bio-related Chemistry Branch, and its current research areas and priorities.
Fighting infectious crop diseases

Fighting infectious crop diseases with big data analyses

Dr Kim Hammond-Kosack, Research Programme Leader Wheat Pathogenomics at Rothamsted Research, explores how big data analyses and knowledge networks can be used to protect global wheat crops from infectious diseases.
Empty cities during COVID-19 pandemic

The environmental health lessons of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a number of lessons regarding the critical impact of environmental pollution on human health.
electron affinity determination

Metastable and excited negative ion formation in lanthanide and actinide atoms: Implications for electron...

Dr Alfred Msezane from the Department of Physics, Clark Atlanta University, tells us about the implications for electron affinity determination when considering metastable and excited negative ion formation in lanthanide and actinide atoms.
Microplastics - looking at the problem

Asking the question: Are Microplastics a Macro Problem?

Pamela J. Lein, PhD, Professor at the University of California, Davis, discusses the issue around microplastics and what we actually know.
BPA - Bisphenol A

Growing health concerns: Are BPA-free products safer?

BPA (Bisphenol A), a high production volume chemical in plastics and resin, is being linked to health concerns - here Professor Lein discusses.
whole genome sequencing, molecular biologist

Whole genome sequencing: It’s getting personal

Professors Darren K Griffin and Alan R Thornhill discuss their research on exploring a person’s genome sequencing.

Intoxicating Beauty: Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

Professor Pamela Lein discusses the toxic chemicals in our cosmetic products that are not as readily recognised by consumers as potentially harmful.

Neocytolysis: When young red blood cells die first

International researchers are investigating the molecular processes involved in premature clearance from the circulation of young blood cells formed at high altitude after a descent
infectious diseases in africa

The detection, identification and monitoring of infectious diseases in Africa

The Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance detail the issues around the detection, identification and monitoring of infectious diseases in Africa today

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