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Blockchain: Success in government procurement requires more than just investment

Paul Parker from SolarWinds argues that where blockchain is concerned, success in government procurement requires more than just investment.
transport industry

How blockchain is set to transform the transport industry

Blockchain has been said to have the power to change the financial world, offering efficiency, transparency and security, however, it also has its many other uses to industries outside of finance, for example, the transport industry
ID blockchain

Visa’s former MD joins payments and ID Blockchain platform Nuggets 

Kevin Jenkins, the former Managing Director of Visa has joined the board of blockchain payments and identity brand Nuggets. In a major coup for the fast-growing British company, Jenkins has signed on as a Non-Executive Director
blockchain court

Dubai International Financial Center teams up with Smart Dubai to develop blockchain court

A Dubai-based international court dealing with civil and commercial disputes in the financial industry is planning to launch the world's first blockchain court
blockchain technology platform

HEX innovation introduce blockchain technology platform for medical use

During the Hybrid Summit 2018 in Bangkok, software providers HEX Innovation launched a blockchain platform enabled service to be used by the medical sectors.

All cryptocurrency miners banned from Google Play store

Google has banned all cryptocurrency miners from their play store, however apps that manage mining hardware are permitted.
supply chains

Blockchain technology to save supply chains around the world

Blockchain technology is being looked at in terms of solving fragmented supply chain management and logistics around the world.
blockchain law

New Maltese blockchain law turns country into vibrant hub

Maltese authorities have revamped three amendments into law to create a legal framework to use Blockchain for business.
blockchain spending

European Blockchain spending to rocket to $3.5 billion by 2022, data shows

Data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) suggests that Europe will become the second largest investor in blockchain technologies, with blockchain spending expected to soar to $3.5 billion.
public sector

The transformative nature that blockchain could have on the public sector

Jonny Voon, Innovation Lead – IoT & Distributed Ledger at Innovate UK shares a compelling perspective on the transformative nature that blockchain could have on the public sector
crypto assets

Crypto assets and the regulator’s role: Ignore, regulate or kill?

Dr. Paolo Tasca and Professor Tomaso Aste from the UCL Centre for Blockchain in London, share their expert views on crypto assets and the regulator’s role in this vein

Blockchain in the European Union: How the European Parliament approaches DLTs

Eva Kaili, MEP, Rapporteur of the European Parliament of the Blockchain Resolution, explains her thoughts on blockchain technology in the European Union today

Stick or twist: Perspectives from the world’s largest blockchain event

In May this year, New York held the largest Blockchain conference yet – Consensus 2018. Here are a personal set of perspectives about the event which should get you scratching your head about blockchain from Simon Kavanagh, Head of Innovation and Design in Healthcare, Welfare and Education at Tieto 
future of healthcare

Blockchain: healthcare’s next frontier, or so much hype?

DataArt's Denis Baranov discusses how blockchain is likely to have a significant impact on the future of healthcare
smart cities

Is blockchain the breakthrough smart cities need?

Michael Winterson, MD of Managed Services at global interconnection and data centre company, Equinix, provides his insight on blockchain for smart cities in the Open Access Government article 

Blockchain: Potential to benefit public services and modernise bureaucracies

Stig Østergaard Nielsen from the Nordic Blockchain Association argues that blockchain can benefit public services and modernise bureaucracies
blockchain resolution

Could blockchain provide a boost to post-Brexit farming?

University of Hull, School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies, Graduate Student, Tom Jones, asks if blockchain technology might provide a boost to post-Brexit farming.
blockchain technology will transform

Blockchain technology will transform the way we live and work

Phillip Nunn comments on how he believes that blockchain technology will transform more than just the financial sector 

How is blockchain disrupting health and wellness?

Distributed and open technologies are bringing new business models, personalisation, prediction, motivation, collaboration and trust in healthcare, in the view of Sari Stenfors from the ReCon Blockchain Research Project, at Aalto University in Finland

Blockchain technology for the public good: Design constraints in a human rights context

Tomaso Aste and Geoff Goodell from University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies share their views on why blockchain technology is for the public good and about the fundamental design constraints and digital identity protocols in a human rights context

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