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The Founder and CEO of HEdpAY reveals his ultimate vision to be the leading company in FinTech by bridging the gap between the traditional financial services and the crypto ecosystem in today’s global market

Whilst some people still ‘trust’ traditional banks and financial institutions, many are looking to a new world – and this includes cryptocurrencies and crypto banking. Vicken Kaprelian, Founder and CEO of HEdpAY, a pioneering company in connecting traditional banking and the crypto universe, talks about his ultimate vision to be the leading company in FinTech bridging the gap between the traditional financial services and the crypto ecosystem in the global market.

“Unlike traditional money, crypto is decentralised, meaning it is outside the control of banks,” explains Vicken. “The banks have, therefore, largely shunned crypto, particularly as it is also coming under increasing scrutiny from regulators. For crypto to be used by the masses, it currently must be integrated with fiat currency (euros, pounds, dollars, etc). Both traditional banks and crypto banks have their place, and, with the current mood of distrust, they need each other. There is a bridge that needs to be built to align both.” Future banking operators like HEdpAY are building a platform that connects crypto with fiat currencies and supports decentralised control. Overcoming these challenges will finally bring crypto use to the mass market.

“Traditional banks are seeing the potential value of crypto but bringing them together requires restructuring of legacy systems, adaption to the desires of the new consumer generation and changes to rules and regulations,” continues Vicken. “Banks and bankers’ worst clients are high-risk customers and non-stable residents, but the red-tape around compliance and KYC procedures are really due to human constraints, however, cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions embrace a self-centralised process in a smart contract manner. I believe we will see more of a correlation between fiat and crypto, with banks and ICOs creating their own blockchain platforms and bespoke tokens, which will, in turn, become the new bank currencies. Consumers will then use these widely more for payments but in a decentralised way, just managed by the bank on their behalf.

HEdpAY is one of the first projects connecting traditional bank and the crypto universe, and one of the first to be creating investment funds in crypto, in order to maximise profits and minimise losses,” explains Vicken. It has been created to be the first and most authoritative financial institution enabling users to transfer their fiat currency in crypto quickly, safely and compliantly, using the following services: current account, debit card and exchange. HEdpAY also gives investors exclusive opportunities: creating their own blockchain, helping entrepreneurs developing new projects (ICO) following detailed protocols, selecting only the best projects in order to preserve investors, and evaluating currencies already included in the market.

The company’s goal is to showcase how its futuristic solution, “bridges the gap between crypto and traditional banking to revolutionise a financial system that is still anchored to old banking standards,” in the words of Vicken. He believes that the real opportunity is the benefits blockchain can bring to the financial services industry. “While ICO marketing has witnessed saturation over the past few months, the real opportunity is more about the benefits that blockchain can bring to financial services to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto banks. The insurance industry is primed for the integration of blockchain technologies. Other opportunities can be seen in voting, forecasting, government, crowdfunding, retail and real estate. I think the possibilities are endless.

Despite the perceived negativity around cryptocurrencies in regard to the puzzle of jurisdictional risk and regulation, Vicken is positive about the future of crypto, whilst establishing and cultivating compliant relationships with the regulatory bodies, global financial institutions and businesses. “HEdpAY’s purpose is to provide the services of the modern traditional bank whilst implementing the prospects of a bank for cryptocurrencies, and at the same time ensuring better regulation of the cryptocurrency market, says Vicken.”

In the past year, HEdpAY has reached some significant milestones, most recently the company received the Most Outstanding Payments Solution Company of the Year 2018 in the Global Business Insight Awards and has been listed on four major crypto exchanges including ChainCreator. The company offers two kinds of HEdpAy (Hdp.dp) ERC223 tokens:

  • Equity token, based on the company equity, hedged to the registrar of its c-class shares, which will be presented in Q1 2019 and;
  • Utility token, based on the community operations and transaction activities, which will be available until the end of Q4 2018.

“Both tokens will be used within the HEdpAY ecosystem to ensure our team of highly skilled developers to complete development work on our revolutionary platform, adds Vicken.”

HEdpAY’s ambitions of the future

Going forward, the company’s ambition remains undimmed. “HEdpAY has an exciting year ahead in terms of the completion of our ICO, the future launch of the HEdpAY Exchange and our full set of banking services,” says Kaprelian. “In a year’s time, I would like to see the gap between traditional and crypto banking reduced thanks to the wider benefits that can be realised through blockchain technology.”

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