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Snap UK General Election announced for 8 June

Snap UK general election announced for June

The Prime Minister has announced there will be a snap general election on the 8th of June Following an announcement this morning, the PM declared...

An insight into the impact of GDPR in a global world

How can your business prepare for changes to GDPR? Liz Fitzsimons, Partner, Privacy and Information Law, Eversheds Sutherland (International) explains

SEND reforms: Planning for education, health and care

Mark Raeburn, Managing Director at Capita One, looks at the steps local authorities are taking as they enter the next phase of SEND reforms

Asbestos exposure can cause significant risks to health

Dr. Christopher P. Weis of the National Institutes of Health, shares with Editor Laura Evans the dangers of long term asbestos exposure

UK space contracts under threat due to Brexit

Leaving the EU could put UK space contracts under threat as the European Commission is seeking the ability to cancel existing contracts

New initiatives highlight the value of apprenticeships

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association looks at the value of apprenticeships and how they are shaping the industry

Healthcare analytics: Best practice from all over the world

David Bolton, Director, Public Sector & Healthcare, Qlik Global Industry Solutions highlights how healthcare analytics vary between countries

Climate-resilient green growth requires a joint approach

In a speech, German Federal Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks explains why support for climate-resilient green growth is imperative

How have renewables changed the global energy landscape?

Dr Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer, Executive Chair World Energy Resources, World Energy Council highlights how renewables have transformed the global energy supply

World Parkinson’s Day: uniting to raise awareness

Today, stakeholders from across the globe will unite to raise awareness of Parkinson’s during a dedicated campaign

The role of physiotherapy for Parkinson’s

Writing on behalf of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Dr. Bhanu Ramaswamy highlights how physiotherapy can help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s
Welcome to Aarhus: The European Capital of Culture 2017

Aarhus: Welcome to the European Capital of Culture 2017

Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard explains why becoming the European Capital of Culture 2017 will bring long-term economic and social benefits to the city of Aarhus

How does the pension world look in 2017?

Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s Graham Vidler shares his expectations for the pension world in 2017 and the next generation of pensioners

How can we fight cybercrime in a digital age?

In an increasingly connected world tackling cybercrime must be a consideration for everyone, says EU Commissioner for the Security Union, Julian King

An ambitious strategy for German research

In March, a new hi-tech strategy for German research was adopted. Open Access Government discusses the report and how it will aid innovation in the country

World Health Day: Shining a light on postpartum depression

Around 10-15 per cent of women suffer postpartum depression after giving birth. This year’s World Health Day will highlight this important issue
Community-led services gain government cash boost

Community-led services gain government cash boost

The Department for Communities and Local Government has revealed a multi-million pound cash boost for community-led services
How the Slovak Republic strengthened innovation in the EU

How the Slovak Republic strengthened innovation in the EU

Peter Plavčan, Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport shares how the Slovak Republic strengthened innovation during its EU Council Presidency

Public sector IT must deliver cost effective support solutions

Mark Smith, CEO of SAP, highlights the plight of public sector IT amid budget cuts and explains why it is vital to deliver better sourced services

Carbon capture brought to the forefront of the UK’s climate targets

Carbon capture and storage is a key player in the challenge to meet reduced emission targets by 2015, according to the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)

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