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Here, Ethical Healthcare Consulting explains how they look to shake up existing consulting models with a unique blend of quality combined with not-for-profit status

Ethical Healthcare Consulting (EHC) was set up after the founders saw how the NHS was paying so much in fees for quite often very little return – not in every case of course, but all too often. Simply put, the ultimate and overarching objective of any private enterprise is to deliver profits for shareholders which means prioritising profit over patient care, frequently compromising on quality to protect profit margins.

EHC hopes to change this and shake things up a little. The solution was to create a not for profit community interest company with a primary focus on supporting NHS staff and patients, whilst offering the same expertise to compete with the big consultancies. In essence, doing the right thing really well without a financial agenda. EHC is the only not-for-profit health informatics consultancy in the UK with one goal in mind, to do the best for patients and healthcare providers whilst offering unrivalled value for money.

Ethical Healthcare values

EHC believes that true partnership with the NHS can only be achieved through trust and alignment of values; a consultancy that places patients over profit, aligned with the values of the NHS. With no focus on profit margins, values are at the core of EHC’s behaviours, engagement and the improvements and changes delivered to the NHS.

How Ethical Healthcare works

EHC would rather do a small number of things really well than dilute expertise across a wide range of services and use contractors that are not bought into the organisation’s values.

With this in mind, the team has been created with like-minded experts in their field. There is no competitor that can provide more expertise and a better service at a lower cost. EHC also spends considerable time transferring knowledge to staff within partner organisations so that they continue to maintain and grow once the expertise leaves. Additionally, an integral part of EHC’s core offerings is cultural baselining, ensuring staff have the tools, capability and core culture to be successful. It’s a holistic approach.

Ethical Healthcare services

EHC services focus on developing and leading programmes that will actually be delivered and sustained and that will make a difference. Purely technical transformation is a waste of time if people don’t understand the ‘why’ behind it. EHC’s approach is one of inclusiveness and co-production. Staff must feel that they own transformation initiatives, but also be provided with the right strategic framework in which to deliver lasting change.

Whether it’s enterprise imaging or a replacement EPR system, EHC employs a range of techniques from value chain mapping, novel benefits management approaches and cultural base-lining to offer a service that is a cut above the transformation initiatives offered by other consultancies.

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