Leading aerospace universities unite to create aerospace research consortium

aerospace research

Leading aerospace universities are joining forces to provide the global aerospace community with a centralised point for top university aerospace research

To embrace the full aviation spectrum (airlines, aircraft, airspace and airports), the National Aerospace Research Consortium (NARC) will enhance the UK’s already leading position within the sector and provide clear communication with national organisations and multi-national initiatives.

NARC will address the Aerospace Technology Institute’s established four technology pillars (Aircraft of the Future; Future Propulsion; Smart, Connected and Electric Aircraft of the Future; and Aero Structures of the Future) with an additional National Airborne Test stream.

Professor Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University, who is acting as co-ordinator for NARC, said: “The National Aerospace Research Consortium (NARC), consisting of the UK’s leading aerospace universities, will aim to directly support UK-based industry through the provision of accessible world-class research facilities, future skills development and centralised research co-ordination.

“We aim to put NARC in the same league as other international entities, such as NASA, ONERA or NRC, and support the UK as a global leader in future aerospace research.”

The Consortium aims to create a UK-wide infrastructure of accessible, integrated and world-class research facilities to support each pillar.

The founding member universities of NARC are:

The universities that currently make up NARC have already started work on the Future Propulsion pillar with a collaborative proposal for a network of advanced electric and hybrid-electric propulsion development facilities.

Professor Nishan Canagarajah, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of Bristol, said: “As one of the UK’s leading aerospace research universities, the University is delighted to be a founding member of the National Aerospace Research Consortium (NARC).

“This initiative is an excellent way for the UK’s top universities to work together to provide the UK aerospace industry with access to world-leading research expertise, skills and facilities together with talented young research engineers.”

NARC will also integrate talent of the future by providing learning provision to graduates and postgraduates.



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