Why local government should embrace technology

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Andrew Cowling at Fujitsu Scanners outlines how local government could benefit from document management for efficiency gains and a reduction in costs

Local government bodies are under growing pressure as they are increasingly being faced with challenges that question the current status quo; demands for instant access to information online such as public records, freedom of information legislation, heightened security, compliance, and regulations are all areas that raise the need and desire for more efficient ways of working. Indeed, the upcoming GDPR that becomes law on the 25th of May next year poses several challenges, not least the ability to be compliant with stricter data protection rules but also to be able to prove it in a court of law.

Outdated, paper-based processes are draining departments of valuable time and money, thereby reducing the quality of public services and making having a controlled retention policy tough, threatening the privacy, security, and ultimately the ability to provide complete transparency or in the case of GDPR erasure and proof thereof.

Document management enables the demands for higher productivity and improved service delivery to be met at a significantly reduced cost, both in terms of money and time. Capturing, routeing, sharing and storing information effectively are simultaneously driving sustainable performance improvements and providing significant cost reductions.

Technology is seen as a catalyst for change, not only will the service to the public be increased but embracing digital transformation will also help create and retain a more efficient and motivated workforce who are enabled for mobile working, for enhanced collaboration and ultimately seeing a shift in man hours from admin related tasks to those of higher perceived value to the overall cause.

With the benefits and rapid return on the investment, ECM deployments can provide core systems that will allow public sector organisations to tackle the challenges facing the industry in the coming years.

Find out more about how Fujitsu document scanners can help support local government bodies in adopting or developing their document management capabilities by contacting us at scannersales@uk.fujitsu.com.

Additionally speak to us today about a jointly developed Privacy Management solution that offers a methodical and structured approach to GDPR that has impressive deployment and proven track record success in addressing stringent German privacy laws over the last decade.

David Taylor, a Senior Information Governance Officer commented – “It’s not just the removal of the manual file management processes or the ability to access the files wherever we are. It’s the all-round capability to manage the whole response process from request to disclosure and beyond from one system. Fujitsu’s scanner hardware is integral to the whole solution enabling all documents to be digitised, reviewed, redacted, compiled and released electronically. We now respond to almost 95% of all requests electronically compared to approximately 55% just two years prior. Response times have fallen from an average of 12 days per request to under 8 and still falling.”

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