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Mile High Labs has announced support for the findings in a Centre for Medicinal Cannabis report

The report, “CBD in the UK: Towards a responsible innovative, and high-quality cannabidiol industry,” provides wide-ranging recommendations including amending existing out-of-date legislation; clarity relating to current policy; investment in medical research; and self-regulation among current business operators.

“Clear, consistent regulation is in the long-term interests of consumers and the industry alike,” said Mr John Wallace, managing director for UK/EU operations, Mile High Labs. “Until such regulations are in place, every company in the industry should commit to high standards for consistency, quality and transparency.”

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis report was released just weeks after the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) held a public hearing on CBD in Washington, DC. Representatives from Mile High Labs provided testimony at that hearing in support of stronger regulations on testing, manufacturing, and labelling.

“Simply put, CBD should be produced in GMP-certified facilities that have reliable, accurate and consistent testing labs. Products should be accurately labelled so that customers know exactly what they’re getting,” said Mr Christian Hendriksen, Co-Head of International Expansion, Mile High Labs.

What is CBD?

CBD is increasingly available on the High Street, yet consumers, opinion formers and policy makers are largely unaware of what it actually is. CBD is short for cannabidiol (ka-nuh-buh-dai-uhl) and is one of many molecular compounds called cannabinoids that are found in industrial hemp, a “cousin” of marijuana. Although marijuana and hemp look alike, hemp-derived CBD doesn’t get you “high.”

To make CBD, hemp is harvested and distilled to extract all the cannabinoids. This extract is further refined to remove everything except CBD. This final product is called “isolate,” a white, almost odourless and flavourless powder that resembles confectioner’s sugar.

CBD in the UK

In addition to a call for regulation, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis report provides insight into the current and future state of CBD in the UK. Among the findings:

  • Approximately 6 million people have tried CBD in the UK.
  • 11% of the population had consumed a CBD product in the last year.
  • Use is higher in certain parts of the UK, namely Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Knowing that the CBD product was made by a supplier that met recognised high standards and knowing that the contents were not contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals were the most important priorities when choosing a CBD product.

According to a previous report from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, “The political interest in cannabis policy is growing as more and more countries choose to legalise and regulate the drug for medicinal purposes,” and the UK’s recent reforms “are part of a global shift in favour of medicinal cannabis regulation, with access schemes now spreading across the world.”

“Mile High Labs commend the Home Office for moving quickly last year when the industry first began,” said Mr Wallace. “Strong regulations, arrived at through close co-operation with the industry and other stakeholders, will benefit consumers and improve the industry, and provide a clear pathway towards a well-regulated and prosperous future.”


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