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What will the future of medicine look like? A new virtual reality experience from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry explores futuristic treatments and technologies like inhalable nanobots and 3D printed medicine patches

Welcome to the Future of Medicine looks beyond the past 70 years of medical innovation to imagine what the future may hold for medical science.

The experience uses a mix of computer-generated imagery and live action laboratory footage from a working diagnostics lab to take the user on a 360-degree journey into the world of breakthrough medicine, going inside the body to explore how the technologies being researched today may transform the treatment of tomorrow.

The VR is a submersive experience that features ground-breaking medical science already being investigated around the world, showing how they might one day become routine treatment. The film includes:

Gene editing and gene therapies – Gene therapy aims to repair the direct cause of genetic disease by cutting out faulty sections of DNA and replacing them with slices of genetic material. Researchers are already looking at using it to treat Haemophilia B and the potential for gene therapy to tackle other diseases like cancer and infections.

Inhalable diagnostics sensors in the body – US researchers are investigating the potential of carbon nanosensors that are 100,000 times smaller than a strand of hair to identify infection and inflammation in hip-implant patients and people with catheters. The VR experience explores their potential to monitor for disease and alert clinicians.

3D printing of medicine patches – UK scientists are currently developing and testing 3D printed patches from various polymer grades that could allow controlled release of medicine into the body, making medicines more clinically effective. The film asks how they might impact future care.

Dr Ali Hansford, Head of Science Policy at the ABPI, said:

“Over the last 70 years, we have seen advances in medicine that rival science fiction. This virtual reality experience looks beyond the amazing scientific breakthroughs of today to imagine the innovations of tomorrow, set to change the face of healthcare as we know it in the next couple of decades. The future is exciting, and our companies are pioneering the next generation of treatments to help people live longer, healthier lives.”

Jay Short, New Business & Sales Director at INITION, the VR production company behind the experience, said:

“We have been privileged to see that ABPI have big ideas as to how the future could look for the pharmaceutical industry and INITION are pleased to have entered into this creative partnership to use virtual reality as a means of bringing this vision to life. With so much change happening, this experience will hopefully give people a chance to glimpse into what lies ahead.”


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