Nuix forensic software will now be available on the UK Government’s innovative G-Cloud 13 framework procurement platform

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has selected Nuix as a certified supplier on the Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework. Their forensic software will now be available on the UK Government’s innovative cloud procurement platform.

Nuix, a company supplying big-data forensic and analytics technologies, is used across government, regulators, and law enforcement – investigating criminality, combating fraud and corruption, and detecting and preventing cybercrime.

Detecting and preventing cybercrime

What is the G-Cloud 13 framework?

The G-Cloud framework is a digital marketplace first introduced in 2013, with the UK Government pushing to move 50% of public sector computing spending onto the cloud.

G-Cloud delivers benefits for Public Sector organisations, facilitating optimal purchasing decisions at a time when public sector technology procurement is increasingly under focus.

Public sector organisations will be able to purchase Nuix’s scalable and collaborative Digital Investigation Platform from 9th November 2022.

CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

In 2021-2022, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.8 billion

Jonathan Rees, EVP EMEA at Nuix, says: “Certification on the new G-Cloud framework makes it easier for public sector organisations to access Nuix’s powerful Digital Investigation platform – a platform already used by many of the world’s largest government and law enforcement agencies.

“Now those UK organisations can put Nuix’s technology and vast processing power to work in cases featuring high volumes of complex digital material – the situation regulators and law enforcement often see when dealing with organised crime, Public Inquiries or fraud investigations.

Public sector bodies get quick access to innovative technologies

“We’re a great admirer of the G-Cloud framework. It means public sector bodies get quick access to innovative technologies, there’s competitive tension and it’s an efficient platform.

“At Nuix we’re delighted to take our place on that platform at a time when so many public sector bodies increasingly need our ability to process massive datasets and multiple file types and do it in a way that gives those organisations contextualised, visualised intelligence they can put to work straight away.”


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