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PFU Fujitsu is the specialist company within the Fujitsu family dedicated to information management. We enable the world’s flow of knowledge with our advanced technology, intelligent software and paper capture solutions, making us the choice for the most ambitious organisations

The pain of paper

The public sector has many issues, but paper doesn’t need to be one of them!

The paperless office was a dream. Now, more than ever before, Government is seeking to reduce the reliance and level of use of paper within the workplace, but the reality is that the flood of paper-based information needs processing rapidly and securely.

Every part of Government requires paper to be processed to allow the safe and secure delivery of services. The regulations, client demands, and data security issues confronted make the capturing and processing of documents into information systems crucial from one-stop-shops to environmental protection; from patient records to legal departments. The public sector needs to rapidly capture and retrieve data to make decisions in an environment where freedom of information, GDPR and all stakeholders demand more!

Case study

NHS – linking 500 GP practices with hospital consultants

Controlling paper with document scanning solutions

Providing front-line health services to more than 260,000 patients, the North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups’ (NWLCCGs) IT systems provide a vital link between GPs and hospital consultants. Systems and processes need to be seamless to ensure notes are easily captured, stored, shared and accessed across the Collaboration’s 500 GP practices and hospitals.

Dealing with hundreds of thousands of paper notes a year, the NWLCCG’s 500 GP practices generate, access and capture a great deal of clinical information which is vital to providing effective care to more than 260,000 residents. Effective data capture relies on administrators being able to quickly and accurately capture GP and consultant correspondence for patient records.

The volume of content which needs to be captured – everything from consultant referral letters and consultation outcome updates – means a workload per GP practice of hundreds of scans a week. As part of the workflow, each document received needs to be scanned to create a digital copy with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for information retrieval before being stored with each patient’s file. Speed and scan quality are essential for the work, particularly given the compliance, audit and care regulations governing GPs’ work.

“We were finding that for the volume of correspondence, our old system was far too slow,” said Raj Kawa, Senior Desktop Engineer for the NWLCCGs. “We were getting a lot of complaints and were spending a lot of time maintaining lots of different scanners from many manufacturers.”

As the amount of information GP practice administrators had to capture on a daily basis continued to rise, the NWLCCGs realised it was time for a new solution. The arrival of the Collaboration’s new hosted clinical document management system provided the ideal opportunity to look again at its input systems and to standardise its solution across practices for better training and fleet management.

In addition to user benefits, the Fujitsu fi-7160 selected provides superior scan quality thanks to its PaperStream IP driver and image enhancement software. It can optimise scans automatically without the user needing to define scanner settings in advance of a single sheet or batch scans.

“Fujitsu scanners performed better than any other solution against our selection criteria, and we now have a scanner which is fast, easy to use and easy to manage.”

Raj Kawa, Senior Desktop Engineer, North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups

Fujitsu Information Management Solutions

By capturing information using Fujitsu fi scanners and information management solutions, organisations, of all sizes, can very quickly experience the following benefits:

– Rapid information capture at scale

– Centralised secure storage that is fully compliant with all existing regulations including GDPR

– Regain control of historical files and essential archives

– Quickly retrieve vital data

– Process large or small volumes of paperwork so that you can make decisions effectively

– Save time

– Remove clutter

– Save the increasing costs of staff time and poor systems

– Potential for Big Data processing to improve decision making

– Ensure compliance and control access rights as required

Fujitsu’s specialist information management company, PFU, is the world’s leading document capture company. We are trusted by organisations of all sizes to work together to produce solutions that make paper work.

Take back control of your data with Fujitsu scanning solutions to allow rapid search with immediate and controlled access to the data you need. Document security can be locked down to only relevant staff, and a complete audit trail comes as standard.

Make paper work today with PFU Fujitsu – the dedicated partner for information management solutions.

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