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DCU research centres enterprise engagement student

DCU’s new research centres reflect its enterprise engagement drive

Dublin City University established 10 new emerging research centres in 2016, all valuable vehicles for research and enterprise engagement Dublin City University (DCU) is a young and dynamic university which aims to have an impact on Irish society, not only by placing education, research and innovation at the heart of...
electronic signature cartoon

Harnessing the power of the electronic signature

Qualified electronic signature solutions can provide security and efficiency, as Comsign Europe explain According to Gartner, Inc., 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide this year and by the year 2020, the number of connected devices – i.e. the Internet of things (IoT) – will grow to nearly...
redefining child health for the 21st century

Redefining child health for the 21st Century: UIC Pediatrics’ strategic plan

The Department of Pediatrics at the University of Illinois, Chicago is working on redefining child health for the 21st Century
business agility flowchart

Agile transformation: Moving to the organisational dimension

Agile transformation is enabling change and adding value across the public and private sectors, as Agile Business Consortium Member Hugh Ivory outlines The term “Agile” is often misunderstood and consequently there are many interpretations of what it is. Although Agile has its roots in software delivery, it has now grown...
health technology Finland former minister Olli Rehn

For health technology, Finland is a haven

In Finland, health technology benefits from research investment and a culture of collaboration, as the former Minister of Economic Affairs details here When it comes to health technology, Finland is said to be among the three strongest economies in the world, with digital health being its largest high-tech export. Innovations...
hands computer keyboard government IT

Government IT: The year to adapt, change and collaborate

SolarWinds’ Patrick Hubbard looks forward to the year ahead for government IT professionals, and how DevOps culture could change the landscape If there is one thing government organisations are used to, it’s change. From central government to local government and healthcare, budgets, technology, and policies are constantly changing. It is...
sustainable healthcare technology doctor with tablet computer

Sustainable healthcare and the technological revolution

Anssi Pulkkinen, director of wellbeing and health at Finnish funding agency Tekes, on the role of technology in securing sustainable healthcare for all Technological development and innovations have managed to produce wellbeing and prosperity in modern Europe. Today people enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives. Parallel to this positive development, national...
economic roadmap

Dissecting the government’s new economic roadmap

Dr Julian Francis, Director of Policy and External Affairs, ACE, discusses the government’s new Industrial Strategy and economic roadmap
Innovation Exeter city centre

Pursuing growth with Innovation Exeter

Exeter City Council is aiming for growth in one of the UK’s foremost regional economies through the Innovation Exeter programme, as Richard Ball explains Independent studies have identified Exeter’s economy as outperforming larger cities in the UK, confirming its positive regional economic impact. As the powerhouse of its own sub-region,...
modern industrial strategy education

May intends to ‘grasp the bigger prize’ with modern industrial strategy

Theresa May is to set out her flagship Modern Industrial Strategy today, the policy which sits at the core of her government’s vision for post-Brexit Britain The Prime Minister is using her first regional Cabinet meeting today to launch a new, more interventionist industrial strategy aimed at bridging the productivity...
Ireland's Horizon 2020 targets John Halligan Adjacent government

Ireland’s Horizon 2020 funding target is on track

Ireland's Horizon 2020 performance target is on track, and the country's commitment to the EU is strong, Innovation Minister John Halligan tells AG Ireland has been investing assiduously in its national research and innovation capacity for almost two decades. As a consequence of this sustained investment, Ireland is now host...
Birmingham City University Centre for Brexit Studies

Centre for Brexit Studies to open at Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University announces the launch of a Centre for Brexit Studies this month as the UK prepares for the process of leaving the European Union Birmingham City University is launching the Centre for Brexit Studies (CBS) on 26 January, aimed at trying to understand the far-reaching consequences of the...
cyber security in healthcare

Cyber security in healthcare: Lessons from enterprises?

Joe Kim, CTO of SolarWinds, explores the potential learning opportunities from business for cyber security in healthcare organisations The cyber security market is currently valued at $122.45bn, with an expectation that this will rise to $202.36bn by 2021. Cyber security is becoming a huge concern for businesses, with so many...
small council schools apprenticeship levy

Exclude small council schools from apprenticeship levy, say LGA

The Local Government Association say small council schools should be exempt from the new apprenticeship levy just as small academies and faith schools are Small and academies and faith schools will be excluded from the new apprenticeship levy, but small council-maintained schools will be required to pay. The Local Government Association...
Action plan on antimicrobial resistance antibiotics

Innovative reform vital to action plan on antimicrobial resistance

Health First Europe’s honorary president, John Bowis, looks forward to a new EU action plan on antimicrobial resistance and healthcare associated infections “Excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics and poor infection control practices have progressively turned AMR into a massive threat for humankind. With rising resistance and no action, we...
cyber security courses at Warwick University

Why study cyber security courses at Warwick University

The cyber security courses on offer at the University of Warwick are your pathway to industry-relevant skills and understanding Cyber security is not simply about protecting the internet. As our world becomes ever more dependent upon digital systems, our vehicles, infrastructure, industrial controls, finances, and medical devices all exist within...
The University of Rhode Island

College of Nursing

This is not your standard nursing program URI's College of Nursing goes well beyond what you might expect. First of all, you'll find the individual attention you'd get at a smaller university and the unique clinical experiences of a much larger institution. You'll have plenty of opportunities for cross-discipline work...
Norway’s Arctic strategy town near the pole

Norway’s Arctic strategy: Innovation and sustainability

As M F Warrender writes, Norway’s Arctic strategy revolves around making the region innovative and sustainable - economically and environmentally Now more than ever the Arctic (a region defined by its natural environment and resources), is facing the serious consequences of climate change. Since 1980, it has seen a 50% loss...

The Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe: Another space challenge

The European Space Agency’s Nathalie Meusy reflects on the success of the Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe and ways to support sustainable development goals The European Space Agency (ESA) started to commit to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over 10 years ago, with dialogue with stakeholders at...

Cyber crime statistics show we need to defeat the problem

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), takes a look at the statistics on cyber crime and how it is affecting society In a modern day era where technology is constantly at our fingertips and entwined with our everyday lives, it is no surprise that criminals...

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