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smart working

Emmanuel Chautemps, Director of Bouygues E&S FM UK limited explains how smart working can transform workplaces to improve happiness, wellbeing, and productivity

The evolution of technology is impacting deeply the way people work, live, play and socialise. ‘Going to the office’ as we all did for decades has a completely different meaning in 2017. In Europe, people still spend 90% of their time inside buildings. The built environment has a key impact on our well-being and productivity. Happier and healthier people, places, neighbourhoods and cities contribute to a more resilient, efficient and sustainable society.

Is your working environment actually delivering the combined productivity and health outcomes that you require?

A healthier environment

From the initial concept to maintaining your live environment, in an occupied environment as well as new build, our integrated approach guarantees a unique experience for visitors and building users, which will:

  • Reinforce your culture and corporate image;
  • Increase the sense of community;
  • Enable true collaboration;
  • Contribute to people’s well-being and happiness;
  • Attract and retain talents;
  • Improve your cost of operation;
  • Foster innovation and productivity;
  • Reduce your footprint, while increasing your capacity and resilience;
  • Provide a return to investment of typically less than 3 years.

To help you on your journey, we offer a range of complementary services:

  • Initial assessment – Our complimentary assessment helps you develop an initial business case.
  • Exploratory service – We build a thorough picture of how your environment needs to evolve to support your workplace strategy.
  • Change management – We offer our extensive experience in supporting organisations through these major change programmes.
  • Design and build – We manage the successful refurbishment of your place, respecting your live environment.
  • Soft landing – We support your team in moving and acclimatising to the new environment.
  • Performance contract – We guarantee the performance of your space

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