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fruit flies

Understanding evolution, past and future

Dr Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo from CNRS details her work on fruit flies, which examines the intricate link between genes and visible traits of living creatures
natural world

The natural world – Why field studies matter

Thomas L. Fleischner, Ph. D, Executive Director of the Natural History Institute discusses the critical importance of direct engagement with the natural world
ivory trade ban

Ivory trade ban set for the UK

The UK government is set to impose an ivory trade ban at all levels in order to reduce demand, protecting African elephants An ivory trade ban has been attempted before, but it would have excluded the sale and procurement of certain antiques. The new ban introduced by environment secretary Michael Gove will...
rainforest mining

Brazil backtracks on plans to open up Amazon reserve to rainforest mining

The Brazillian President Michel Temer has backtracked on plans to open the Renca Reserve in the Amazon up to rainforest mining The President sparked outrage when he announced the plans to allow rainforest mining in August this year, with campaigners calling it the 'biggest attack on the Amazon in 50...

New images show the worrying reach of microplastics

New images from Thomson Ecology show how far microplastics have reached into our food chain, affecting organisms on a microscopic scale
badger cull

Uk expands badger cull ‘kill zone’

The controversial UK badger cull has been expanded, extending the area of the cull which will raise the death toll to an estimated 33,841 In a controversial move, the UK government has expanded the badger cull 'kill zone' in an attempt to battle bovine tuberculosis. The Department of Environment, Food, and...

Brazilian president gives greenlight to rainforest mining

Brazil has given the go ahead for rainforest mining in a large national reserve in the Amazon ' the size of Denmark', said to be rich in gold The Brazillian government has given up a large area of the rainforest, formerly a national reserve, allowing mining companies to excavate the area...

Recognising the important role of biodiversity

Pamela S. Soltis, Director, University of Florida Biodiversity Institute, reveals the key work being done in the US to respond to the ‘biodiversity crisis’

The US National Park Service and the environment

Open Access Government’s Ciara Ruane explores the role of the US National Park Service and explains how it protects the environment across the US
University of Florida - Biodiversity institute

The Soltis Lab

Scientists and students in the Soltis Lab are currently working with a variety of technologies to investigate mechanisms of speciation, evolutionary relationships and character evolution in flowering and land plants at all taxonomic levels. Current projects include the study of higher level phylogenetic relationships and character evolution in the...

Ensuring the preservation of biodiversity in Finland

Petri Ahlroth, Director of the Natural Environment Centre, Finnish Environment Institute explains why it is important to protect biodiversity in Finland

Organic farming isn’t bad, but sustainable agriculture is better

Gavin Whitmore, Senior Manager – Biodiversity at the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) looks at how integrated pest management supports the sustainable intensification of agriculture Society is increasingly aware of the dual challenge of feeding a growing population whilst protecting the environment. Organic agriculture is often marketed as being an environmentally...

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