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Roche – biotechnology and in-vitro diagnostics

Roche is a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas.
DNA motors

Computerized DNA motors are moving molecular robotics to the next level

Researchers have developed DNA motors with the ability to sense and process chemical information – mimicking the basic properties of living cells
disease-causing microorganisms, WHO ukraine

WHO asks Ukrainian scientists to destroy disease-causing microorganisms

The World Health Organisation (WHO) asked Ukrainian scientists to destroy disease-causing microorganisms, also known as pathogens.
tropical leishmaniases, immunology

Do the arts of the treating tropical leishmaniases teach important lessons?

Professor Peter Bretscher, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Saskatchewan, explains what we can learn from the treatment and prevention of tropical leishmaniases.
huntington's disease covid-19, huntington's disease

Huntington’s disease: Post-pandemic predictions

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, provides a fresh perspective on predictions concerning Huntington’s disease in a post-pandemic era.
omic research, IMforFUTURE

Training the next generation of omics researchers

Dr Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat (statistics) and Dr Gastone Castellani (biophysics) from the University of Bologna, Italy, organised innovative interdisciplinary training in multi-omics research within the IMforFUTURE project, which focused on communication between wet and dry lab.
artificial muscles, reconstructive medicine

Scientists create artificial muscles from natural materials

At the University of Freiburg, scientists have created artificial muscles from natural proteins - less Dr Frankenstein, more future potential for reconstructive medicine or soft robotics.
Global health equity

Biomedical research across the globe: Why now is the time to invest in Africa

Dr Glass, Director of the Fogarty International Center, and Director at the NIH, explores the relationship between NIH and the health research community
Department of biochemistry - Microbiology and Immunology

Foundations of Immunology and their Pertinence to Medicine

Peter Bretscher at the University of Saskatchewan discusses his research in Immunology.
untreatable depression, patient

Neuromodulation clears symptoms of severe, untreatable depression

Targeted neuromodulation may be a future method to help those with severe, untreatable depression - traditionally, this is used to correct misfiring brain circuits in people with epilepsy or Parkinson's.
dreaming phase of sleep, brain refreshing

Scientists find brain refreshed during dreaming phase of sleep

Scientists at the University of Tsukuba reveal that brain refreshing takes place during the dreaming phase of sleep, aka rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Medical education: Past and present

L. Maximilian Buja, MD, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at McGovern Medical School, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, turns the spotlight onto medical education both past and present.

Open Bionics opens first UK clinic for amputees

Open Bionics opens its first clinic in the UK to deliver 3D printed bionic arms for amputees.
blood test dementia, psychiatric

Finnish scientists invent blood test for dementia

A new study by the University of Eastern Finland finds that a blood test could help to diagnose patients with frontotemporal dementia.
Biomedical materials

Accelerating the discovery, manufacture and translation of biomedical materials

The Henry Royce Institute is enhancing the UK’s position as an international leader in the field of biomedical materials, systems and devices.
diagnose heart attacks, blood test

Scientists work on blood test to diagnose heart attacks

Scientists are creating a blood test that can quickly diagnose heart attacks - by looking for the "unique fingerprint" of a heart attack.
reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry: New biomaterials & technologies

Mutlu Özcan, Prof. Dr Dr h.c., PhD from the University of Zürich, highlights Reconstructive Dentistry through new biomaterials and technologies, including the associated changes and challenges.
reproductive medicine, fertility clinics

How valuable are randomised controlled trials in reproductive medicine?

Professor Darren Griffin reflects on how patients in fertility clinics should interpret the scientific evidence base when even the experts can’t seem to agree.
biomedical innovations

Targeted policy support for emerging biomedical innovations

Michael Morrison, Senior Researcher in Social Science at the University of Oxford, illustrates the importance of emerging biomedical innovations in the UK.
likelihood of severe COVID, genetic research

Scientists use machine learning to identify likelihood of severe COVID

The research team believe that some people have a genetic predisposition that increases likelihood of severe COVID, which may be crucial to understanding how mutations could change outcomes.

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