Open Bionics opens first UK clinic for amputees

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Open Bionics opens its first clinic in the UK to deliver 3D printed bionic arms for amputees

Based in Bristol, Open Bionics uses technology such as 3D scanning, 3D modelling, automation, and 3D printing to offer 3D printed sockets to amputees.

The clinic received a grant under Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund aimed at building UK resilience.

‘The Hero Arm is a life-changing product for individuals with below-elbow limb differences’

Hero Arm

Caroline Coster, one of the first patients to receive medical care at the clinic, said:

“My Open Bionics clinical experience has been really amazing. The first time I picked up a ball with my Hero Arm and I held it and dropped it, it felt like having a superpower.

“Having the technical and clinical expertise as part of the prosthesis fitting process was really incredible as I was able to see how the Hero Arm could be customised to meet my personal needs.”

Open Bionics co-founder Joel Gibbard MBE said:

“While COVID-19 forced our business and community into uncharted territory, we’ve always listened to the needs of our customers. The idea to serve customers directly came from our community who wanted technical information about the product included as part of their clinical experience.”

Simon Edmonds, Deputy Executive Chair and Chief Business Officer, Innovate UK said:

“During the pandemic innovation in Britain did not stop. At Innovate UK we have been helping businesses and people through the pandemic. Nowhere demonstrates this more than at Open Bionics. The work they do every day brings hope and help to those who need prosthetic arms. Not only are Open Bionics transforming lives, they are also creating new jobs and driving economic growth.”


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