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energy efficiency

Energy efficiency a win-win for Canada and industry

The Honourable Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, looks at the potential of energy efficiency for the future
post-brexit trade

Theresa May in Canada for post-Brexit trade talks

Prime Minister Theresa May has kicked off post-Brexit trade negotiations in Canada, advocating the 'shared values' of both countries
Canadian agriculture

The 21st Century belongs to Canadian agriculture

Canadian agriculture has deep roots and the government is working to build a future for the next generation of farmers, says Minister Lawrence MacAulay

Exploring pathways for wellbeing among Inuit

Alexandra Sawatzky, Ashlee Cunsolo, and Sherilee Harper highlight the need for regional perspectives on Inuit-specific pathways for wellbeing.

Supporting the urban Aboriginal population in Canada

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada explain how the organisation is working to better the lives of the urban Aboriginal population in Canada
Antimicrobial resistance

Tackling the threat of antimicrobial resistance in Canada

As antibiotics become less effective against infection, Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, outlines the response to antimicrobial resistance in Canada.
implications for education

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and its implications for education

Sandra Styres, Adjunct Professor and Dawn Zinga, Associate Professor and Chair at Brock University, highlight the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and outlines implications for education.

NSERC: Advancing science and technology in Canada

Open Access Government’s M F Warrender highlights the work being undertaken by NSERC to pioneer scientific advancement in Canada
indigenous education

Indigenous education in Canada: Challenging the status quo

Dawn Zinga, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Child and Youth Studies at Brock University highlights some of the challenges faced by Indigenous pupils in Canada.

Health Accord: Healthcare for all

Open Access Government highlights how Health Minister, Jane Philpott aims to improve the lives of all Canadians through their new Health Accord Plan
issues arctic communities face polar canada

POLAR: Investigating the issues Arctic communities face

Polar Knowledge Canada, a new federal organisation, brings together indigenous and scientific expertise to look at the issues Arctic communities face today Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) is primed to set Canada at the forefront of the search for new knowledge of the Polar Regions. Based in Nunavut, the new federal...
Canada's clean energy strategy solar farm

Clear trajectory for Canada’s clean energy strategy

By accelerating the transition to renewables, Canada’s clean energy strategy is charting a clear course, as Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr sets out here When most people think of Canada’s energy resources, they are likely to think about our vast stores of oil and gas. What they might not realise...
foodborne, waterborne, and zoonotic disease

Foodborne, waterborne, and zoonotic disease in the Canadian North

Dr. Sherilee Harper and Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo look at the need for integrated environment and health surveillance for foodborne, waterborne, and zoonotic disease in the Canadian North
culture and heritage

Embracing culture and heritage values in Canada

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment, Government of the Northwest Territories details the importance of embracing culture and heritage Culture and heritage are powerful components of any society. Culture is the living expression of our values, and heritage encompasses the tangible and intangible things we wish to bring to...

An education for every child

The Ministry for Education in Ontario answers AG’s questions on the importance of every child in Canada benefiting from world class education Education in any country is important and it’s key that every child has the chance to achieve their full potential. In Canada, it is no different and the...
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Health research – the Canadian way

Open Access Government looks at how health research can play a pivotal role in preventing major diseases throughout the country  Over the decades we have changed the way we live, which can have a major impact on our health. For example, new technologies we use and the environment can all...

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