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AI can assist in reducing waiting lists for mental health services

The NHS is currently overwhelmed with long waiting lists of people trying to access mental health services. How could AI streamline these lists?.
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How the public sector can harness digital identity to dissolve the digital divide

A robust digital identity strategy underpins a resilient organisation, and it is paramount that the public sector takes this into account to achieve digital inclusivity.
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The secret ingredient for successful digital transformation

Here, we hear the story about the secret ingredient for successful digital transformation, as engagingly told by Mark Vincent, Owner of Applied Change Ltd.
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What do Microsoft’s latest updates mean for Microsoft Solutions Partners?

Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner is a significant achievement for any technology company, but recent updates mean it is now harder than ever to achieve this status.
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Adopting a digital-first public sector service approach

James Johns, a CX Consultant at Route 101 Ltd. discusses scaling up a digital-first public sector approach to service.
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Why a standardised approach is key to stop greenwashing in labelling

The European Commission found that more than half of environmental claims made in product advertising are misleading, unverified, or unclear - how can we stop greenwashing?
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Crown Commercial Service: G-Cloud 13 & DOS6 updates

Open Access Government provides an update on the Crown Commercial Service agreements G-Cloud 13 and DOS6.
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Three reasons to add VR MDM software to your tech stack in 2023

Nadav Avni, Chief Marketing Officer at Radix Technologies, explores three reasons to add VR MDM software to your tech stack in 2023.
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Cloudy with a chance of success: Moving your contact centre to the cloud

Cloud is transforming organisations, unleashing $1 trillion in value for Fortune 500 companies - now, it's time to move it to contact centres.
Ecommerce market online shopping market

MACH for ecommerce: opportunities and challenges

Highlighting the benefits and challenges of implementation of MACH architecture, ecommerce business could be changed for the better.
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How Open Banking can improve customer engagement in the public sector

With over six million UK users, it’s safe to say that open banking is no longer in its infancy, but how can we use it to improve customer service?
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Designing digital solutions to drive positive change in society

Digital solutions can enable government organisations to reach a wider number of people, provide a better experience for service users, and make the organisation more efficient.
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Low-code helps UK councils to digitally transform and abandon legacy IT systems

Legacy IT systems are an obstacle to many UK councils in customer service operation, but low-code may be able to advance next-generation digital services.
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How local government organisations can streamline HR processes

Local governments can improve their sensitive HR processes through efficient self-service systems, potentially bringing reductions in costs and labour and increased employee satisfaction.
Electric Vehicle charging on street for carbon net-zero emissions, in UK

Helping the public sector get on the road to carbon net-zero

Crown Commercial Service details how they are helping the public sector get on the road to carbon net-zero.
Corridor of colourful data centres, servers, supercomputers

Micro data centres: exploring the increasing demand

Micro data centres are nothing new, but it is only now that organisations are using them as part of their data centre strategy, explains Birgit Jackson.
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CyberCX added as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service

CyberCX has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Cyber Security Services 3 to support the public sector.
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The updated changes to CCS Digital Outcomes and G-Cloud 13

Digital Outcomes and G-Cloud 13 have had an update for CCS customers and suppliers, including discussing buyer accessibility and commercial agreements.
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Novacyt is powering ahead and tackling emerging health concerns

Empowering employees and examining emerging health threats in a new strategy for business growth is Novacyt CEO David Allmond’s mission in the weeks ahead.
consumer expectations

National Customer Service Week: Changing consumer expectations

Technology experts evaluate the impact of changed consumer expectations, in recognition of National Customer Service Week 2021.

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