Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner is a significant achievement for any technology company, but recent updates mean it is now harder than ever to achieve this status

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (formerly Microsoft Partner Network) has evolved for all commercial partners, introducing several new designations and accreditations.

How is eligibility for becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner assessed?

Eligibility for partner designations is based on the partner capability score achieved by each organisation. The partner capability score is assigned based on factors across three categories: performance, skilling, and customer success.

These designations show that a company has demonstrated a high level of expertise in Microsoft’s products and technologies and has met the rigorous standards required to become a partner. Achieving Microsoft Solutions Partner status allows customers to identify companies that commit to training and accreditation and have proven success in delivering solutions that lead to business growth.

The requirements for operators include a proven track record of delivering quality technology solutions, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a deep understanding of Microsoft’s products and technologies. The new Solution Partner status replaces Microsoft Gold Partner level, and with considerably higher requirements, it is anticipated that there will be far fewer companies awarded with the new designation.

The requirements for this Microsoft-approved designation include a minimum customer spend of $1,000 per month, specifically on Microsoft Azure across three customers, using at least five different Azure technologies across client deployments, and a 20% increase in Azure spend by customers annually.

How can becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner benefit a company?

Once a company becomes a Microsoft Solutions Partner, it gains access to a range of resources and support from Microsoft, including training, technical support, and access to the latest technologies and products. This enables the company to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry and provide its customers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements.

This also gives the company a competitive advantage and helps enhance its reputation in the industry, as it demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality solutions and services to its customers.

Louise Clayton, managing director at Talk Think Do, explains: “Being recognised as a Microsoft Solutions Partner helps companies to establish their position as technology specialist within the industry. Despite concern in the industry that changes to the Microsoft criteria may make the accreditation unachievable for some firms, we have stood firm in our belief that continual development for companies is of the utmost importance for success in an increasingly competitive market.”




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