Crown Commercial Service: G-Cloud 13 & DOS6 updates

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Open Access Government provides an update on the Crown Commercial Service agreements G-Cloud 13 and DOS6

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) plays a vital part in assisting the UK public sector to save money when purchasing common services and goods. CCS helps thousands of public and third-sector buyers in the UK with billions of pounds of spending each year. The range of commercial agreements from CCS helps you buy what you require when you need it, saving money and time. (1)

Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6) update

Digital Outcomes 6 framework detailed on the CCS website is just one example of the many commercial agreements offered. If any dates change, CCS will provide updates here. In January 2022, Digital Outcomes 6 opened for applications. Then, jump to late June 2022, Framework award letters were issued. (2)

The delayed Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6) assists in locating suppliers who can “design, build and provide clearly defined bespoke digital projects and services, using an agile approach,” CCS explains. The agreement runs for 24 months, with an optional extension of 12 months. Lot 1 is Digital Outcomes, Lot 2 is User Research Studios, and Lot 3 is User Research Participants. (3)

In October 2022, the CCS said they needed to complete user testing to ensure DOS 6 delivers the best experience for suppliers and customers when it launches. CCS decided to extend the term of the DOS 5 framework, which will now expire on 19th April 2023. CCS ultimately wants to make its agreements easier to use, giving its customers a “better experience”. (4)

G-Cloud 13 update

The G-Cloud 13 agreement, awarded on 9th November 2022, is live for customers. Lot 1 is Cloud Hosting, Lot 2 is Cloud Software and Lot 3 is Cloud Support (3) “G-Cloud offers public sector organisations a straightforward and compliant way to purchase cloud based services, such as hosting, software, and support,” CCS says. This most recent iteration introduces the fourth lot for further competition in cloud support services for more complex, more extensive requirements. Plus, the agreement’s call-off term amends to 36 months with an optional 12-month extension. (6)

G-Cloud 13, scheduled to end on 8th November 2023, is available not only for central government but also for health, local authority, charities, education, blue light (police, ambulance, fire plus search and rescue), British overseas territories and devolved administrations. In addition, the total call-off length should be at most 48 months (four years). (7)

Philip Orumwense, Commercial Director and Chief Procurement Officer for Technology at CCS, said: “G-Cloud has been a huge success and is popular due to the high SME inclusion and the ease with which services can be bought by customers. The latest iteration of the agreement will offer improved terms and conditions for customers, a wider range of competition across cloud professional support services and access to increased innovation and ideas, using state of the art technologies.”

G-Cloud 13 will now be accessible via a new digital Contract Award Service (CAS). As part of CCS’s goal to make their agreements more streamlined and user-friendly for the customer, G-Cloud 13 will now be accessible through a new digital Contract Award Service (CAS). CAS will support future iterations of G-Cloud and will eventually digitally enable all CCS agreements across CCS’s broad portfolio. (8)

For products and suppliers, CCS believe it is imperative that functionality is there so that the details of all service lines on G-Cloud 13 can be viewed. Full supplier transparency functionality is the aim of CCS. Adding to that, CCS states that G-Cloud 13 Lot 1, 2 or 3 suppliers don’t need to register with the Public Procurement Gateway (PPG) for access to G-Cloud 13 entries or to use the functionality mentioned above. (7)

The provision of updates from CCS

In closing, we note that when it comes to DOS6 and G-Cloud 13, CCS is working hard to implement improvements to its new digital service as part of its user testing. CCS will endeavour to give additional updates on anticipated go-live dates when such information is available.

CCS will post updates on the agreements’ web pages and via regular channels, such as customer newsletters and communications for suppliers. “Customers will continue to conduct their procurements on the Digital Marketplace platform while using DOS5 and G-Cloud 12. Suppliers will continue to access the Digital Marketplace for DOS5 and G-Cloud 12. DOS6 and G-Cloud 13 customers will be directed to the relevant platform to procure services when ready,” CCS adds.

Finally, DOS5 and G-Cloud 12 will, of course, remain available until their published expiry dates. (4)



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