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How to reduce operational costs while accelerating decarbonisation of fleets with Sheel Fleet Solutions - two people sat at desk on laptop working at Shell Fleet Solutions discussing strategy

How to reduce operational costs while accelerating decarbonisation of fleets

The public sector must tread a careful line between saving money and increasing the decarbonisation of fleets, here’s how Shell Fleet Solutions think we can do it.
transport for the nhs - ambulances lined up outside hospital

Transforming transport for the NHS to create a sustainable future

Transforming transport for the NHS is a prime opportunity for the Government to lead the public sector charge towards a more sustainable future.

The Clinical Pathway DevOps Platform to help NHS staff efficiency

Nathan Moore, Director at Primum Digital Ltd looks toward helping NHS staff deliver the best care at a reduced carbon cost.
Hydrogen periodic table element, mining, science, nature, innovation

The real potential of hydrogen fuel cells: Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ Solution

Swiss inventor Francois Isaac de Rivaz created the world’s first internal combustion engine vehicle powered by hydrogen in 1807. Yet, hydrogen fuel cells have not become part of the mainstream fuel mix in mobility circles.

MRI rental VS ownership: What are the benefits?

Matthew Bradfield, Managing Director at Fairford Medical Ltd considers the potential benefits of MRI rental as opposed to ownership.

Bioelectronic technology: the future of healthcare

Rick Rowan, CEO and founder of NuroKor Bioelectronics, tells us about how bioelectronic technology is changing the future of healthcare.

Do not press pause on innovation strategies

Leaders from organisations across the private and public sectors are taking charge of implementing innovative strategies to deliver value and provide meaningful products and services to their customers.

The continuous process to produce sodium bicarbonate crystals

Here, Professor Patricia Luis (1,2) from UCLouvain explains how integral CO2 capture is along with the production of sodium bicarbonate crystals in reducing global emissions.
Parkinson’s Disease, glowing green brain image

PKG (Personal Kinetigraph): Helping my Parkinson’s Disease patients

Parkinson’s Disease affects all activities of patient daily living but PKG can help.

Delivery of improved passenger information

Providing relevant and timely passenger information enables the travelling public to make informed decisions about the way they travel.

Implementing technology to improve safety on construction sites

Jose M. Peña, the Director of Lurtis LTD looks at improving safety on construction sites through the adoption of technology systems, training workers and better-analysing risks.
mental health solutions

Mental health solutions: can ethics, accessibility and evidence successfully coexist in digital tools?

Dr Anna Mandeville, UK Clinical Director and Dr Aleksandar Matic, R&D Director at Koa Health, discuss the inherent challenges private medical insurers and employers face in finding mental health solutions that successfully combine ethics, accessibility and strong science to support mental wellbeing.
cytokine cell

Understanding inflammatory cytokine secretion

Professor Paige Lacy, PhD, at the University of Alberta, delves into inflammatory cytokine release and its function to aid the body’s natural responses.
Liver schistosomiasis, light micrograph, parasitic infections

Schistosomiasis: Put parasitic infections on the map

Wendy Harrison, CEO of the SCI Foundation, outlines the importance of putting parasitic infections on the map, with a particular focus on schistosomiasis.
Magnetic Resonance of Brain, blue MR - stroke solutions

Brainomix & Visionable: Delivering complete stroke solutions

Brainomix & Visionable technologies provide full pathway stroke solutions for teams, reducing workload and improving patient outcomes.

The electric mobility transition to net-zero with EV charging

Mer Charging UK Ltd demonstrates how the future of the electric mobility transition promises greater strides toward net zero.
worldwide recession

The impact of the worldwide recession on the tech industry 

Code Enigma discusses how a worldwide recession would affect IT spending, the tech industry, and macroeconomic trends.
building skyline

UKAS CertCheck: introducing surety into supply chains and the procurement process

The need for a robust and dependable supply chain is universal across all businesses and industries. UKAS CertCheck has the ability to introduce surety into supply chains and the procurement process.
contract management, man in open plan office

Innovation in contract management with UNIT4

Sally Murdoch, the Public Sector Director at Unit4, discusses the vision for contract management in local government.
Satellite dish transmission data on background digital blue world

Science, research and innovation in the UK

Open Access Government writes about Nusrat Ghani MP, UK Minister for Science and Investment Strategy and the plans to maximise science, research and innovation in the UK.

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