Nathan Moore, Director at Primum Digital Ltd looks toward helping NHS staff deliver the best care at a reduced carbon cost

NHS staff and organisations face the immense challenge of increasing the efficiency of their clinical pathways to be more clinically effective while reducing the financial and carbon cost of their workflows. This is no small task. At Primum Digital we specialise in helping NHS staff and organisations deliver optimised clinical workflows that are more clinically and cost effective at lower carbon cost. For the most part, the more clinically effective pathways achieve the right care first time for patients which results in fewer unnecessary appointments and investigations.

Front-line NHS staff are faced with complex decisions and have limited access to supportive tools. CrossCover contains a range of clinical specialty web applications designed to assist clinicians in making the best decisions for every patient encounter. This enables patients to be given the right care in the right place at the right time. NHS consultants are our most experienced decision makers, but there are not enough of them to see every patient presenting to our Emergency Departments (EDs) and every patient presenting to Primary Care. The reality is more junior NHS staff make a large proportion of the decisions relating to patient care.

The Challenges

Greater variation in practice can lead to suboptimal care decisions, poor patient outcomes, a longer length of stay in EDs, repeat presentations to EDs and GPs and unnecessary follow-up.

CrossCover enables patient-facing clinical staff to follow best practice national guidelines adapted by their local expert NHS consultants. The platform facilitates these consultant experts to edit existing or build new easy to follow, fully illustrated interactive patient care flowcharts.

This ensures standardised information is given to front-line clinicians working throughout the integrated community and hospital care network, enabling rapid and optimal decisions that are essential for patient care. Designed to provide Trust-wide or Integrated Care System-wide optimised clinical decision support pathways.

What it does

CrossCover is the leading Development and Operations (DevOps) platform for clinical pathways. CrossCover enables our experts to collaborate at scale, consolidate optimal clinical decision support processes and spread this knowledge into the core workflow of all staff, ensuring patients receive the best treatment every time.

CrossCover services

Service Features

– Clinical Pathway Development and Operations Content Management System
– Referral Management System
– FHIR interoperability with Primary Care and Secondary Care EPRs
– SNOMED CT coding
– UKCA marked Medical Device with ISO13485, DCB0129 and DCB0160 compliance
– Electronic Patient Record compliant with NHSx DTAC and ISO27001 compliance
– Completely customisable clinical pathways through the web application interface
– Digital PROMs and PREMs
– Real-time Budget and Carbon Impact Analysis
– Real time advanced Data Analytics Audit and Research features

Service Benefits

– Operationalise best practice to maximise clinical effectiveness of healthcare staff
– Standardise Pathways across Primary and Secondary Care
– Gain efficiency savings by optimising resource provision across clinical pathways
– Deliver a Net Zero NHS by reducing unnecessary patient journeys
– Reduce Health inequalities by standardising care
– Maximise cost-effectiveness of service delivery
– Save up to £100 per patient pathway episode
– Gain operational intelligence from real-time patient pathway data
– Help to address the elective backlog
– Enable collaboration across an Integrated Care System
– Evidence of standardised best practice clinical pathways

How does CrossCover do this?

The web application provides a collaboration interface for our expert teams to Design, Build, Test, Deploy, Operate and Monitor clinical pathways across a Trust or ICS.


Expert groups of clinicians at Birmingham and Solihull ICS created standardised best practice clinical pathways deployed through CrossCover OrthoPathway. Funded by the SBRI Healthcare “Delivering a Net Zero NHS” Award.

Method – At GP practices across BSol ICS1⁄4

– 2 clinical case scenarios for each MSK presentation. OSCEformat. Patient actor
– Each GP carried out 4 assessments using their usual assessment and documentation on their clinical system. They then carried out 4 further assessments using CrossCover OrthoPathway through a web portal

Results -19 GPs involved for 152 MSK clinical scenarios

Available for Procurement on G-Cloud 13 Framework

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