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deforestation of a rainforest causing carbon emissions

30% higher carbon emissions produced by deforestation than climate change

The Atlantic Rainforest’s carbon storage capacity has been affected by deforestation due to human activity – with carbon emissions worse than those produced by climate change.
megafires, forest microbes

Forest microbes that can survive and even thrive from megafires

Research from UC Riverside finds that fungi and bacteria can survive redwood tanoak forest megafires – they can even increase in number after feeling the flames.
resource extraction, ecological damage

US and EU responsible for 74% of global resource extraction

Higher-income countries, such as the USA and nations of the EU, are responsible for excess resource extraction of raw materials which has led to ecological damage.
regenerated forests, tropical reforestation

One-third of regenerated forests in Brazil are destroyed again

Reforestation efforts are not ideal for natural regeneration – as one-third of forests are cut down again, after just 4 to 8 years of regeneration.

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