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Finnish Economy

The outlook of the Finnish economy

Finland’s Ministry of Finance lifts the lid on the current phase of rapid growth of the Finnish economy and their expectations for the same in 2018

Data shows 62% of adults ‘don’t understand inflation’

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has released startling data showing a large percentage of adults don't understand inflation
bitcoin crackdown

UK and EU plan Bitcoin crackdown over tax evasion fears

As the cryptocurrency hovers around the $10,000 mark, the UK and EU are threatening a bitcoin crackdown to prevent tax evasion and cybercrime
Bitcoin value hits

Bitcoin value hits record high of nearly $10,000

Bitcoin value hits a new high in its record-breaking trajectory, rising 4.5% to $9,700, nearly 10 x its value at the start of the year
funding research and development

UK set to improve in funding research and development

Warwick Business School’s Professor Stephen Roper reveals the UK Government’s exciting plans for funding research and development in business
defence technology

Adapting defence technology to business enterprise

Paddy Bradley, Director, Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership explains how investing in defence technology can boost the economy
blockchain in government

US defence bill could revolutionise blockchain in government

A new defence spending bill (the National Defence Authorization Act) being considered by the United States could pave the way for blockchain in government If approved, the NDAA could make way for blockchain in government, with a subsection allowing for 'modernising' of the funding systems. The Modernizing Government Technology Act (MGT)...
blockchain insurance

Blockchain insurance set to change the industry

Open Access Government’s Jonathan Miles explores the tremendous potential of Blockchain insurance in the European industry
blockchain supplement

Blockchain Innovation

Open Access Government explores industry innovation in this special blockchain supplement featuring contributors at the forefront of the technology
newton fund

Newton Fund: helping with novel development opportunities

Melvin Hoare, University of Leeds discusses how the UK's Newton Fund is helping developing nations to engage in science and research.
public sector pay

Public sector pay to fall by thousands of pounds in real terms

The TUC has issued a warning that public sector pay is set to see a real terms drop by 2020 if the one per cent wage cap is enforced

How standards benefit the UK economy

Daniel Mansfield Head of Policy Engagement at BSI discusses how standards contribute to the UK economy, and focuses on the stand-out sectors  Independent research by Cebr (Centre for Economics and Business Research), commissioned by BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body and funded by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills,...
Councils and businesses need to work together

Councils and businesses need to work together

A senior local authority executive has called for Nottinghamshire councils and businesses to work together ahead of cuts The Deputy Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire County Council Jayne Francis-Ward has suggested the current model in place for the public sector would not be viable if cutbacks continued. Speaking during a breakfast seminar...
Starting pay in Scotland rises

Starting pay in Scotland rises

According to the latest figures, the starting pay for permanent jobs in Scotland has increased Figures from the latest Bank of Scotland Report on Jobs has revealed there was an increase last month in the starting wage for many permanent jobs. The increase was attributed to the lack of available...
Inflation holds at a record low of 0.0 per cent

Inflation holds at a record low of zero

Disposable incomes have received a boost as inflation rates remain at a record low of 0.0 per cent Inflation, which is measured by the consumer prices index, held at zero in March, remaining unchanged from February. The data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed current inflation is at...
Government efficiency programmes saved £14.3bn

Government efficiency programmes saved £14.3bn

Efficiency and reform programmes set up by the government has saved a significant amount of taxpayer money last year, according to latest reports. Efficiency and reform programmes have saved the taxpayer around £14.3bn in 2013 to 2014, Chancellor of the Exchequer (George Osborne), and Minister for the Cabinet Office (Francis...

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