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modern, accessible and equitable health care system

A modern, accessible and equitable health care system

Open Access Government sheds light on the priorities of Sweden’s Minister for Social Security, Annika Strandhäll to promote a modern, accessible and equitable health care system Sweden’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is responsible for all issues that fall under the concern of the welfare of society. This predominantly...
stereotypes in science

Challenging the stereotypes in science

Chief Executive of the British Science Association Katherine Mathieson provides a compelling insight into how we can challenge stereotypes in science Science needs to be taken out of its cultural ghetto. Currently, it’s seen as the realm of professionals and experts. But other parts of society – business, politics, art,...

Supporting basic research in Switzerland

Basic research is a key area that the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) promotes and funds, as Open Access Government’s Ciara Ruane outlines

Focusing on high quality research in Sweden

Open Access Government’s MF Warrender shares how Education Minister Helene Hellmark Knutsson is ensuring high quality research in Sweden occurs

Tackling gender imbalance in the research ecosystem

The gender imbalance in the research ecosystem is something that must be addressed. Stephan Kuster, Acting Director of Science Europe discusses

Sweden must continue to push climate reform

Climate reform is a necessity to safeguard the future of the planet. Open Access Government’s Ciara Ruane explains what Sweden is doing to ensure this
gender imbalance

Tackling gender imbalance in European life science research

Natalia Dave and Isabelle Vernos, Centre for Genomic Regulation outline how LIBRA tackles gender imbalance in European life science research.

Women in STEM: Overcoming gender inequality in Switzerland

Elena Makarova, University of Vienna, on the obstacles women have to overcome to work in STEM, and how teachers can support their gender career choice.
gender diversity uk businesses

How do we drive forward gender diversity?

There’s still a way to go to achieve gender diversity in business, as Dr Jill Miller at CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, explains Few would disagree that enabling talented people to reach the top of their game is the right thing to do, irrespective of our...
invest in women leaders group of young people

Why we should invest in women leaders as agents of change

ICAEW speaks to Philip Haberman, Senior Partner and Founder of forensic accounting firm Haberman Ilett, about how important it is to invest in women leaders Philip Haberman believes in giving opportunities to employees with potential, supporting them in their career to achieve their true potential, reasoning: “What better way for them...
gender pay gap recommendations women at work

Gender pay gap recommendations ignored by government

The cross-party Women and Equalities Committee says the government is ignoring its gender pay gap recommendations and failing to tackle the issue The gender pay gap will not be eliminated in a generation if the government goes on ignoring the evidence and recommendations it is given, says a cross-party committee...
Sweidsh agenda to end AIDS Gabriel Wikstrom

The Swedish agenda to end AIDS by 2030

Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, sets out the Swedish agenda to end AIDS by 2030 to Open Access Government Today we have the knowledge and tools to end AIDS by 2030, but to reach zero AIDS-related deaths, stop the HIV epidemic and prevent discrimination, knowledge...
women as leaders cranfield university

Women as Leaders: Why women on boards matter

Alison Cutland, executive development partner at the Praxis Centre for Leadership, explains why women as leaders are benefiting business On the face of it, things are looking positive for the number of women as leaders on boards in the UK. This year we have seen the number of women on...

The gender gap in academic leadership

Despite some progress, women are still underrepresented in positions of academic leadership across the world. Colette Fagan, Professor, Deputy Dean and Vice Dean for Research at the University of Manchester asks why The situation has improved since the 1970s but across the world women still occupy only a minority of academic...

Working fathers earn more than their childless counterparts

Full-time working fathers earn over a fifth more than their childless counterparts, according to new research. Research from workers union TUC has revealed full-time working fathers earn more than their childless counterparts. According to the data, average working fathers receive a 21 per cent “wage bonus”. Fathers of two children earned...

New rule will force larger companies to reveal gender pay gap

Companies with more than 250 employees will be forced to reveal the differences in pay between their male and female employees. The gender pay divide is about to go public after new plans will force employers to reveal the pay of their male and female staff. The rules will apply to...
gender equality

Creating gender equality knowledge in Switzerland today

Brigitte Liebig, Swiss National Science Foundation on the results of the NRP 60 program & how it will create knowledge regarding gender equality

The challenge of recruiting more women

Recently-installed IET President Naomi Climer has made it her mission to improve recruitment of women into engineering and technology roles, with oil and gas just one area under the spotlight Name a famous engineer or technologist and most people would undoubtedly mention Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Isambard Kingdom Brunel or...
gender pay gap

Gender pay gap means women work for nothing until 2016

A campaign group has highlighted the plight of women workers, warning those in full-time employment will in effect work for nothing between now and 2016. The debate over women’s pay is nothing new, but it certainly is an issue that has been at the forefront of discussion recently. According to official...
Education Secretary tackles science gender pay gap

Education Secretary tackles science gender gap

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has said teenage girls should not be made to feel as if mathematics and science subjects are “the preserve of men”. Tackling “tired stereotypes” about science careers is the only way to decrease the pay gap between men and women, said Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. Currently, fewer...

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