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woman in a meeting

Reducing menopause stigma at work could improve women’s career progression

Positive conversations around the impact of menopause can help mid-life women to thrive in the workplace by reducing menopause stigma.
people hiring in the public sector

The UK sees a 26% increase in new vacancies in public sector jobs

Public sector jobs in the UK are increasing annually, with March 2023 being a record month with a 98% increase for the public sector.
Back view of man presenting to students at a lecture theatre

How are micro-credentials lessening disruptions to higher education?

As skills rise in importance to employers, university educational programmes can adopt micro-credentials to give potential employees an advantage with recruiters.
woman using a digital tablet while working in a data centre

Tackling invisible careers: How to expand career options for all students

As young people start to explore their career options, it’s not uncommon for them to feel unsure about what they want to do.
Cropped shot of a businesswoman delivering a speech during a conference

Providing opportunities and empowering women to become #Incharge

The #InCharge movement highlights the steps both education and career services need to make 'empowering women' a reality in the workplace.
Female High School Teacher Sitting At Table With Students Wearing Uniform Using Digital Tablets In Lesson

A new teaching approach to reinvent tomorrow’s careers

Carl Morris, Principal of Carfax College and Co-Founder of The Online School, discusses why a new teaching approach is needed in the classroom if we're to unlock students' talents and passions from an early age.
Back of graduates during commencement at university

UK degrees with the best prospects for 2023

An investment in knowledge is the best investment and this applies to what is arguably our first investment in life - our education. Here's what UK degrees are best for 2023.
apprentice engineer

UK engineering, manufacturing, and technology apprenticeships in decline

An inquiry is being launched by the government to assess the decline in engineering, manufacturing and technology apprenticeships nationally across the UK.
data analytics on a screen with glasses next to it

How can today’s higher education leaders more effectively utilise data analytics?

Data analytics could transform student experiences, but higher education institutions need to gather and efficiently measure information.
worker burnout concept in an office

What is “quiet quitting” and how is burnout affecting the UK?

Work-based stress and burnout have led to a rise in quiet quitting - a notion where people limit their work to strictly working hours.
Keir Starmer against red background reading 'KEIR STARMER ANOTHER FUTURE IS POSSIBLE'

Will the Labour Party win the next general election?

The Labour Party has achieved its largest poll lead in over two decades over the Conservatives; is this enough to win the next general election? 
social value, workplace, Overhead View Of Commuters Crossing Busy Street

Social value is not a tick box exercise – three principles for making a...

Companies are now required to demonstrate social value as part of a procurement process, particularly when bidding for public sector tenders.
United Kingdom on blue digital planet Earth with international network representing communication, travel and connections. 3D illustration. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Can Britain truly undergo an effective digital transformation?

What does effective digital transformation look like? The UK needs to grow its digital economy to suit all of the job opportunities predicted to rise in the next few years – but a world-leading skills framework is needed.
political unrest at a protest for black lives matter

How companies can support employees amidst political unrest

Worldwide and national crises and political unrest can threaten any organisation, no matter how healthy it is, here's how to deal with it in your company.
Sunset over Saint Joan Letni chapel near Pchelina dam, Bulgaria

Nikolina Angelkova discusses the uncapped tourism potential in Bulgaria

Nikolina Angelkova, former Tourism Minister for Bulgaria, speaks with Open Access Government about Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe's uncapped tourism potential.
Man holds up fist in solidarity with workers striking

Will there be a general strike?

With inflation soaring and wages stagnating, trade unions are threatening mass industrial action in the form of a general strike.
woman working with a physical health condition at office

4 ways employers can improve support for mental and physical health

Two-thirds of employees feel uncomfortable raising mental and physical health issues with employers – here’s how employers can improve their support.
engineering STEM students at a job learning net zero skills

A lack of green STEM jobs could lead to a net zero skill shortage

The UK could experience a net zero skills shortage due to the lack of understanding and of education of skills required in green STEM jobs.
Empty office with suit jacket hung over back of chair

The Great Resignation: Staff not receiving pay rise in line with inflation

Only 8% of businesses are giving staff a pay rise in line with inflation and as a result, staff are leaving.
NHS pay equality protest strike

The 4.5% NHS pay rise works out at a loss for workers

More than one million staff are to receive the NHS pay rise of at least £1,400 – with the lowest earners getting up to 9.3% in England.

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