UK degrees with the best prospects for 2023

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An investment in knowledge is the best investment, and this applies to what is arguably our first investment in life – our education. Here’s what UK degrees are best for 2023

With evolving EdTech and avant-garde subjects such as “Klingon” and “Surf Science,” one aspect still remains unchanged when it comes to investing in our future and that is the formidable task of selecting the right career path or career investment. Choosing the right university degree can be overwhelming, and there are many aspects to consider – what are the best UK degrees for you?

While it is important to select a course that you have a genuine interest in, it is also important to fully understand the opportunities that come in your chosen career space, the global economy, salary and, of course, job prospects upon leaving university.

Over 60% of Brits find themselves in jobs unrelated to their field of study

The daunting fact is that over 60% of Brits find themselves in jobs unrelated to their field of study and with this in mind, the educational platform Preply launched an in-depth investigation identifying what qualifications in the UK have the greatest career trajectory. Studying popularity, demand and salary prospects, the score-based ranking compromises job listings, sector growth, average salary, average search volume and course availability.

Let’s look at the findings and what qualifications UK degrees have for the best prospects based on the previously mentioned factors.

The best UK degrees for job prospects

The study finds that the finance, business and accounting qualification group is number one for best overall job prospects in the UK. This group shined in the list for most jobs available and most remote roles while also coming in third place for the most sought-after qualifications – averaging an impressive 4.3 million searches in the last year. The group takes second place for best-paid jobs in the UK, as those in the industry earn an average annual salary of £43,000.

Computer Science and IT ties with Medical, Biomedical and Nursing qualifications for second place in the best overall job prospects category. The study also reveals that securing IT or Computer Science qualifications, gives you the second-best choice of undergraduate courses and remote jobs in the UK. When it comes to the medical field, the group has the highest number of undergraduate courses, takes second place for job choice and is the country’s second most searched for qualification category, with an impressive 4.4 million searches between 2021 and 2022.

Rounding out the top three in this category is the Engineering, Robotics, Astronautics and Aeronautics group of qualifications. From 2019 – 2020, the sector experienced a 7.4% increase, making it the UK’s third-largest job sector growth hike.

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The most popular degrees in the UK

The Sciences take first place in this group, with Chemistry, Biology and Physics being the most popular choices among prospective students. The numbers speak for themselves, with over 5 million potential students seeking degrees in these fields.

The most popular qualifications in the UK’s biggest job hubs are those in the Scientific sector. Science degrees are most popular in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It is also important to note that Finance, business and Accounting still reign when it comes to the best job opportunities for most UK cities.

Lowest and highest average salaries for UK qualifications

The study finds that Statistics, Mathematics and Economics are the degrees that come with the highest salary potential, with those in the industry standing to earn an annual salary of £46,000, across all degrees of study.

Mathematics and Economics are the degrees that come with the highest salary potential

Fashion, Textiles and Costume related qualifications come bottom overall in this category while the Entertainment, Arts and Recreation qualifications have seen the highest growth, with a +16.1% increase. Fashion, Textiles and Costume qualification roles are difficult to come by, with just 3,800 job roles being available across the country in late 2022.

Selecting the best career path should never be taken lightly, and prospective students should always consider their passions as well as the opportunities that are available in their chosen sector. Whether you are seeking to focus on employability, salary or longevity, Preply’s study is able to guide you in making the right investment for your future.

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