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Building success at the Agile Business Conference

Mary Henson from the Agile Business Consortium highlights how the Agile Business Conference on the 4 & 5 October aims to support businesses at an unpredictable time

Innovation in the healthcare sector

France’s Ministry of Solidarity and Health say innovation in the healthcare sector is imperative and that decision makers must work to transform the system

Honey bee health: managing and reducing the risks

Managing the health of the honey bee is integral to the agriculture sector. Here Elke Genersch from the Institute for Bee Research explains further

Improving access to research data

French National Institute for Research in Agriculture (INRA) explores the importance of ensuring research data is easy to access in the agriculture field

Metrology enabling high temperature erosion testing

Louise Crocker and Tony Fry from the National Physical Laboratory looks at the role of metrology in developing new materials with improved resistance

The burden of non-communicable diseases

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health shares the strategies in place for non-communicable diseases and the importance evidence-based prevention policy

Assessing climate change in the Arctic

Norwegian Polar Institute’s Director Jan-Gunnar Winther highlights the challenges associated with climate change in the Arctic and its global impact

The PEGASO – Fit for Future project

Giuseppe Andreoni and Maria Renata Guarneri discuss how the PEGASO project is promoting sustainable behaviours geared towards achieving healthy lifestyles

Supporting healthy forests across America

Open Access Government highlights the role of forests within biodiversity and how the USDA supports agroforestry in America
proactive security

Using proactive security to protect against cyber attacks

Aaron Pickett, Digital Forensic Examiner at IT Group UK Ltd highlights proactive security as a way to protect the public sector from possible cyber attacks

Internationalisation of education, science and research in Germany

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research details how their Internationalisation Strategy aims to help meet global challenges by working together
organ donation

Organ donation – where next?

Fiona Loud, Policy Director at Kidney Care UK highlights the challenges of organ donation in England and how the country lags behind Wales and Scotland

Augmenting the performance of future structural components

Professors Jan Torgersen and Filippo Berto highlight how new technologies are helping to develop the next generation structural components

Recognising the important role of biodiversity

Pamela S. Soltis, Director, University of Florida Biodiversity Institute, reveals the key work being done in the US to respond to the ‘biodiversity crisis’

Prioritising investment for research in Norway

Open Access Government outlines how research in Norway is tackling key challenges and details the Ministry for Education and Research’s long-term plan Norway’s Minister for Education and Research, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen believes that times of economic and political uncertainty require a greater investment in innovation. He called investment in research...

Illicit drugs know no borders, neither should policy making

Simone Korff de Gidts, The Netherlands Organisation for Health, Research and Development highlights the ERANID project for illicit drugs research

Supporting basic research in Switzerland

Basic research is a key area that the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) promotes and funds, as Open Access Government’s Ciara Ruane outlines

Encouraging the digital workforce of the future

Holly Ellis from the Government Digital Service outlines how they are helping young people develop the key skills needed for a future digital workforce
health research

Health research, from molecules to patients, at DCU

Director of Research Support Dr Ana M Terres notes the importance of health research and the strides being achieved by researchers at Dublin City University

Tailoring composite materials to achieve optimised wing designs

University of Bristol’s Jonathan Cooper and Olivia Stodieck explore different ways that composite materials can be used to build aircraft wings

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