Building success at the Agile Business Conference

Agile Business Consortium Annual Conference 2016

Mary Henson from the Agile Business Consortium highlights how the Agile Business Conference in October aims to support businesses at an unpredictable time

As the UK comes to terms with the uncertainties arising from Brexit and a hung parliament, the focus of this year’s Agile Business Conference will be building success during unpredictable times.

Hosted by Daniel Thornton, Programme Director at the Institute for Government, the first day of the event will feature keynote addresses from experts including Chris Roebuck, Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School London, and Dr Patrick Dixon, ranked as one of today’s 20 most influential business thinkers (Thinkers 50-Awards).

The Conference, which takes place in London on the 4 & 5 October, is being organised by the Agile Business Consortium, the not-for-profit body that pioneered Agile business thinking some 20 years ago. The Consortium continues to be at the forefront of Agile as it expands from its IT and project management origins to enable enterprise-wide Business Agility.

Professor Roebuck, who has been a regular on the HR Most Influential Thinkers list since 2010, will reveal how to get the best from your people – including the role of emotion and creating a ‘we not me’ culture – and how to focus that energy on delivering organisational success so that it could deliver 10%+ on the bottom line for virtually no cost. Dr Dixon will examine how global trends are set to transform retail markets, whether in terms of demographics, Agile packaging, niche marketing, faster delivery or sustainability. Companies that correctly identify and respond to these trends will, he says, be able to delight customers with small changes that have a huge impact at little cost.

Other talks will cover some of the many ways using Agile techniques can help organisations with issues as diverse as better budgeting, managing risk and developing digital services.

Daniel Thornton said: “Agile has been shown to be a powerful tool for business transformation whether in the public or private sector. These presentations by some of the world’s leading international business thinkers will give delegates the opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in Agile, how it has been successfully implemented and the lessons that can be drawn.”

Agile Business Conference: day two

The second day of the Conference will feature a diverse programme of collaborative workshops and roundtables to support further learning around three main themes: Transformation and Leadership, People and Culture, and Digital Services. The keynote speakers from day one will attend and facilitate this work.

Mary Henson, Chief Executive of the Agile Business Consortium, said: “The Agile Business Conference provides a single forum for everyone interested in the application of Agile, or moving towards an Agile way of working. It is a unique gathering of influential Agile practitioners and leaders, interested in learning more about how they can help their organisations thrive in an increasingly uncertain world. The programme of hands-on workshops will guarantee attendees a full day of interaction with Agile experts and thought leaders, and help prepare them for success in an unpredictable world.”

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