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Agile awareness: Creating an essential baseline

Creating more agile organisations requires a level playing field, so what can the public sector gain from new approaches in higher education? Kim Whitmore from the Agile Business Consortium explains more.
generation agile

Why we need Generation Agile

The Agile Business Consortium is calling for the inclusion of agility and agile skills in the education of everyone from primary school children, to working professionals.
agile business conf 2019

Michael Saunders announced as second keynote speaker at Agile Business Conf 2019

The second keynote speaker at the Agile Business Conference 2019 has been unveiled as Michael Saunders, Agile and DevOps Leader at Lloyds Banking Group.
Agile Business Conference 2019

First speaker revealed for Agile Business Conference 2019

Lisa Smith is the first keynote speaker to be named for the Agile Business Conference 2019.
ACCA Singapore Annual Conference

Agile Business Consortium opens ACCA Singapore Annual Conference

John Williams, Agile Business Consortium CEO, will open the ACCA Singapore Annual Conference at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday, May 14th, with ‘The Case for Business Agility’.
for government

AgileDS for government and students

University of Hull and Evoco use the Agile Business Consortium’s AgileDS™ approach to give graduates the opportunity to develop and grow their skills for government and private sector.
Agile Digital Services: A Success Story

Agile Digital Services: Adapting government services for the future

The successful organisations of the future will be those that are highly responsive to change, according to the Agile Business Consortium. Since Agile began in 2001, many organisations, including the government are adopting this as their preferred way of working. In this in-depth analysis, we learn about the undoubted success...
Agile in Government

Offering Certainty in an Uncertain World – The future of Agile in Government Services

It’s hard to be Agile in Government. Within an elected government delivery is expected to mirror a published manifesto. Do something different, and the words ‘U-turn’ threaten within the corridors of power.
business agility

Global leadership in supporting and enabling business agility

Agile Business Consortium highlights the importance of business agility in ensuring value for money and greater efficiency

Building success at the Agile Business Conference

Mary Henson from the Agile Business Consortium highlights how the Agile Business Conference on the 4 & 5 October aims to support businesses at an unpredictable time
Agile methods in government: how to reap the full rewards

Reaping the full rewards of Agile in government

Agile Business Consortium’s Geof Ellingham outlines the benefits of Agile methods in digital service development and how it can help public services
Agile Business Consortium

Putting business agility at the heart of government

Agile Business Consortium discuss promoting business agility within central government The government’s commitment to improve its delivery of public services by introducing an Agile business culture has been welcomed by one of the approach’s leading proponents. The recently-published Government Transformation Strategy 2017 – 2020 pledges a “change of working, of culture and...
business agility flowchart

Agile transformation: Moving to the organisational dimension

Agile transformation is enabling change and adding value across the public and private sectors, as Agile Business Consortium Member Hugh Ivory outlines The term “Agile” is often misunderstood and consequently, there are many interpretations of what it is. Although Agile has its roots in software delivery, it has now grown...
business agility flowchart

All change for business agility

The Agile Business Consortium is helping find the most effective solutions by advancing the cause of business agility In 1994, the DSDM Consortium was formed by a group of blue chip companies who were all struggling to build computer systems that properly met the needs of their sponsoring businesses, in...

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