Agile Business Consortium opens ACCA Singapore Annual Conference

ACCA Singapore Annual Conference
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John Williams, Agile Business Consortium CEO, will open the ACCA Singapore Annual Conference at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday, May 14th, with ‘The Case for Business Agility’

The conference theme is ‘Prepare for the Future of Finance: Agility for Industry 4.0’, and John will outline how a world of exponential change demands an agile mindset to meet the challenge of new disruptive technologies.

Ahead of the trip, John said: “Whilst we need to embrace technology to stay ahead, we also need to create new business models, and to recognise how business agility can reinforce the role of accounting and finance professionals in support of, or within, senior leadership teams.

“The ACCA Singapore Conference is the perfect opportunity to impress on an audience of senior international delegates, the importance and advantages of business agility in the rapidly evolving finance and accounting sector”.

Other speakers at the day-long conference include Indranee Rajah, Singapore’s Second Minister for Finance and Second Minister for Education, along with representatives of DBS Bank and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore.

“The invitation to speak at the ACCA Singapore Conference recognises the Consortium as a leading international proponent of business agility, and illustrates the burgeoning awareness amongst businesses in all sectors, of the need to adopt an agile mindset to prepare for the future of finance, and indeed the future of work”, said John.


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