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change management, public sector

Finding success in back-office transformation

Change is inevitable - but the nature of change itself is evolving as organisations work to manage the impact of multiple accelerating and unforeseen events.
mindtooth system, neurometrics

The Mindtooth system: Measuring human mental and emotional states   

The Mindtooth system is a brand new wearable device for non-invasive real-time brain measurement in everyday life.

Restoring biodiversity: Ecological value of hedgerows

Laura Arneson Horn, Owner of the Wild Bee Project considers the ecological value of hedgerows, crop pollination by diverse wild bees and restoring biodiversity
cancer referrals

Fighting against a Covid tide to deliver cancer referral innovation

PinPoint Data Science is working with the NHS to deliver much needed innovation in cancer referral pathways
better health for all, CIHR

CIHR: Supporting better health for all Canadians

CIHR was created in 2000 as an independent funding agency to provide leadership and support to health researchers and trainees across Canada, promoting better health for all.
open access government april, research and innovation

Open Access Government April 2022

We welcome Spring 2022 with our April volume - this digital publication includes health & social care, then research & innovation followed by digital transformation, economic development, home affairs, HR & training, environment, energy, agriculture and much more.
digital surveillance, COVID-19 pandemic

The institutionalisation of fear: Global digital surveillance with dubious pandemic legitimacy

Regina Surber, PhD Candidate at the University of Zurich and Scientific Advisor to the ICT4Peace Foundation, discusses how digital surveillance is increasing worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
innovation cohesion

Achieving innovation cohesion in Europe

Open Access Government delves into the innovation cohesion priorities of Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, for 2022 and beyond.
sustainable resources

Europe’s ambitions to protect people and the planet through sustainable resources

Open Access Government map out some of European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius’ priorities towards a Circular Economy Action Plan, promoting the use of sustainable resources
sustainability of health systems, european health union

Health policy in Europe and the sustainability of health systems

Megan Warrender, Editor for Open Access Government, illustrates Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides’ priorities in supporting Member States to improve the quality and sustainability of health systems.
organic waste, biogas

Unlocking organic waste to get to a greener future, sooner

Robert Dysiewicz, World Biogas Association Advisory Council Member discusses how the transition to a new era of waste management will align with a circular economy,
studying in Japan, space exploration

Education equals innovation when studying in Japan

Open Access Government discuss Japan’s focus on supporting young researchers to help achieve the country’s scientific research and development goals when studying in Japan.
laboratory workflow testing, covid-19

Innovative automation supports laboratory testing workflow

Global clinical diagnostics company Novacyt introduce a new automated liquid handling system to meet growing demand for no manual pipetting in COVID-19 PCR testing.
preventing cardiovascular disease, SPICES project

Preventing cardiovascular disease through implementation and participatory research

Hilde Bastiaens, Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator, and Geofrey Musinguzi, Project Manager of Horizon 2020 funded SPICES reveal why engaging with communities is important in preventing cardiovascular disease.
burden of rare diseases, maternal health

Examining the burden of rare diseases in the US

Open Access Government explore the research efforts of the U.S. National Institutes of Health to mitigate the often-underestimated burden of rare diseases on patients and their families.
neuroscience research, diseases

Understanding the brain: hope for neuroscience research

Advancing neuroscience research improves quality of life for all people with neurological disorders, and ultimately can prevent or cure these diseases. Open Access Government highlight some research priorities in neuroscience.
scientific sunburn

Scientific sunburn & skin cancer (Part 2)

Chanda Siddoo-Atwal continues the discussion about scientific sunburn & skin cancer focusing on sunscreens that prevent scientific sunburn (apoptosis).

Latinx & dementia: The challenge of behavioural symptoms

Dr Lynn Woods, Professor in the Department of Doctoral Programs, School of Nursing, Azusa Pacific University, provides further analysis of Latinx developing dementia, including systems of healing & the challenge of behavioural symptoms.
research community, marine biodiversity

Why is fostering effective dialogue between government and the research community so vital?

Nicolas Pade, Executive Director at EMBRC-ERIC, looks at the innovation and research community to boost climate efficiency in local and central governments.
sustainability in the food retail sector

Sustainability in the food retail sector: Ready, steady, GO!

Francesco Mastrapasqua, Institutional Affairs Manager at EPTA SPA, underlines what we need to know about sustainability in the food retail sector.

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