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Shot of two sporty men exercising together outdoors

Running keeps adult-born neurons wired and boosts memory

Florida Atlantic University and CINVESTAV, Mexico City, conducted a ground-breaking study exploring the effects of long-term running on a network of adult-born neurons.
Sporty middle-aged caucasian woman standing in plank position using laptop for training at home

Could studying African killifish be the secret cure to sarcopenia?

The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University suggests that muscle wasting, known as sarcopenia, may be reversed in late-life.

Local authorities funded £200 million for cycling and walking schemes

The government is funding local authorities across the UK for cycling and walking schemes, to promote healthy travel and carbon emission reduction.
cold water swimming, cold water therapy

What are the physical health benefits of cold water therapy?

Coldwater therapy means exposing the body to cold temperatures by immersing the body in cold water. This might be by cold water swimming or taking cold water showers or baths.

Peripheral neuropathy: Tracking gait and biomarkers to keep feet healthy and whole

Novel smart insole solution helps people with diabetes ensure foot health, by preventing peripheral neuropathy ulcers and falls.
woman up at night with her headphones on not going to sleep

The ‘night owl’ sleep cycle is more likely to induce type 2 diabetes

Depending on your sleep cycle, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl can make a huge difference in your physical health.
Mediterranean style dinner with various snacks and drinks, wide composition

How do diet plans affect your health and weight loss?

Searching for a diet plan and advice online can lead to unreliable health sources, so here are six different diets and their advantages and disadvantages.
healthy food. mix sliced lemon, green lime, orange, mandarin, kiwi fruit and grapefruit isolated on white background

Unusual signs and symptoms of raised cholesterol

Many people only become aware for the first time that they have a high cholesterol level, only when they are admitted to hospital with a heart attack.
improve mental health

True or false? Can we improve mental health through diet and physical activity

Unravelling the short-term effects of diet and physical activity on their ability to improve mental health – the Eat2beNICE APPetite study.
teleworking in health, post-pandemic

Impact of teleworking in health, wellness & well-being

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, describes the impact of teleworking in health, wellness & well-being, beginning with the implications of this in pandemic & post-pandemic scenarios.
lockdown creativity, activities

Lockdown creativity: Free time has a positive correlation with creative activities

COVID-19 lockdown creativity, blooming visibly online, demonstrated a positive correlation between free time and creative activities.
meaningful activities, loneliness

Loneliness can be tackled by finding the ‘flow’ in meaningful activities

Researchers suggest that to combat loneliness, finding activities with the ‘flow’ – engaging deeply in meaningful activities – can increase leisure and reduce loneliness.
indigenous communities dementia, Tsimane and moseten

Lowest global rates of dementia in Indigenous communities

The healthier pre-industrial lifestyles which Indigenous communities live by present solutions in preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia ­– as seen in their lower rates of the disease.
inequalities in physical activity, health inequality

Tackling inequalities in physical activity

Elisabeth Morgans, Senior project manager at C3 Collaborating for Health, discusses solutions to tackle physical inactivity and overcome the ever pervasive and entrenched issue of health inequality.
moderate calorie restrictions, chronic inflammation

What are the health benefits of moderate calorie restrictions?

Researchers find that moderate calorie restrictions – with no specific diet – can shift the immuno-metabolic state in a way which can be protective of human health.
habits weight-loss, healthy habits

What healthy habits can help weight-loss success?

People who have successfully lost weight share their tips and healthy habits for keeping their weight off long term – including eating healthily, exercising, and setting daily goals.
middle age exercise, physical activity

Physical activity improves cognitive function for middle-aged adults

Middle to older aged adults can improve their brain function with daily physical activity, with researchers finding a direct correlation between these variables.
unhealthy high street

Unhealthy high street, healthy children

Rachael Smith, from Tidemill Academy, tells us about the schools initiative to fight the unhealthy high street and improve child obesity rates with physically active learning.
sports medicine

The need for scientific research in sports medicine

Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, argues for increasing awareness of the need for scientific research in sports medicine.
end to obesity

An end to obesity – no longer a pipedream?

Tam Fry FRSA, Chairman of the National Obesity Forum, discusses whether an end to obesity is no longer a pipedream.

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