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citizen participation,

Getting citizen participation right in the European Union and China

Nikolaos Kontinakis, Acting Projects Director, EUROCITIES, shares his thoughts on getting citizen participation just right in the European Union and China.
fire safety, housing providers,

Housing providers must become insight-driven to increase fire safety

Mark Holdsworth, Director at Civica argues here that housing providers must become insight-driven to increase fire safety.
neighbourhood relocation,

Are young people satisfied after forced neighbourhood relocation?

Dr. Kirsten Visser at Utrecht University explores the impact on young people and neighbourhood satisfaction after they are forced to relocate.
cladding replacement, grenfell tragedy

Government will speed up high-rise cladding replacement

Around £200 million will be made available to remove and replace unsafe cladding from around 170 privately owned high-rise buildings, to prevent situations like the Grenfell tragedy.
landscape protection

Aesthetics must sit at the heart of landscape security design

Jaz Vilkhu, Managing Director for Marshalls Landscape Protection argues that aesthetics must sit at the heart of landscape security design.
Midland Metropolitan Hospital

Plans confirmed to open Midland Metropolitan Hospital by 2022

The Midland Metropolitan Hospital will open in 2022 after the government and local NHS trust reached an agreement to finish construction work.
National Planning Policy Framework

Government release updated National Planning Policy Framework

The revised National Planning Policy Framework sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.
high-rise housing estates

The role of planning in the deterioration of high-rise housing estates

Dr Gideon Bolt from the Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University shares his expert perspective on the role of planning in the deterioration of high-rise housing estates.
HS2 train builders required

Hunt for HS2 train builders begins

Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary, has kicked off the process to award the contract for HS2 train builders, with 60 high-spec trains required The hunt is officially on for a company to design, build and maintain a fleet of high-speed trains for Britain’s HS2 network. Up to 60 high specification trains...
ETH Zurich

Concrete Infrastructure: Durability screening of new blended cements

Portland cement has for decades been the most used type of cement to build reinforced concrete infrastructure. Experience and research on corrosion of reinforcement in concrete made of Portland cement have shown that the very high alkalinity of the pore solution ideally protects the steel. The disadvantage is that...
ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich

The main mission of the Institute of Building Materials consists in teaching and research on construction materials. Corrosion of reinforcement in concrete is an increasingly significant problem around the world. Infrastructure is ageing and environmental actions adversely affect the durability and safety of our infrastructure (bridges, power plants, tunnels or buildings)....

Planning for the future

Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), established in 1987, is an international association of universities teaching and researching in the field of spatial planning. With over 150 institutional members, AESOP is the only representation of planning schools of Europe. AESOP mobilises its resources, taking a leading role and entering...
ETH Zurich

Electrically isolated post-tensioning tendons

Very high durability and the possibility for long-term monitoring and inspection of post-tensioning tendons in concrete structures are obtained with electrically isolated tendons. Post-tensioning created new possibilities for the structural use of concrete: large span concrete bridges, special containment vessels, domes, nuclear and marine structures. At present, most of the...

A reasonable approach to improving access for disabled people

Ten years after the deadline passed for businesses to make sure their premises and services were accessible, it may be considered surprising to find that many are still vulnerable to claims for discrimination Then again it may be entirely predictable. There are still many people who do not recognise the...
Saint Gobain

How To Boost Education Through Building Design

Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the sustainable habitat and construction markets, has identified five key elements that contribute to our comfort levels indoors; thermal comfort, audio comfort, visual comfort, indoor air comfort and economic comfort. Stacey Temprell, Residential Sector Director at Saint-Gobain, explains how it is bringing My Comfort,...

Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015: Training

Training Effective training should enable all of the dutyholders to achieve compliance with the regulations in an efficient and cost-effective way, achieving the objectives of not hurting people without reducing, and sometimes enhancing, the efficiencies on the project and for future maintenance, cleaning, etc. The courses available from Callsafe Services Limited...
Saint Gobain

Saint-Gobain Puts Comfort First

We spend roughly 90% of our time indoors or in vehicles, so it’s fair to say that the buildings we live, work and play in everyday can have a significant impact on our comfort, health and wellbeing. Stacey Temprell, Residential Sector Director at Saint-Gobain, discusses how Saint-Gobain is improving...

An inclusive approach to evacuation plans

It is vital for a business to have facilities and procedures in place to help disabled people move around a building – and it is even more important to have effective systems in place to help them get out. When the need arises to evacuate a building the likelihood is...

Staying On Top Of Heat Loss

Having gone through another chilly winter, many of us will now count the cost with a sizeable heating bill landing on the door step. Rather than accepting this annual ritual, now is the time to get pro-active and to look at ways of cutting heat loss down to size....

Cladding Performance Without The Fuss

With more and more building owners looking to go above and beyond the requirements of the Building Regulations, delivering a high level of fabric performance is now absolutely vital. For architects, the challenge is to find a cladding system which will give them the fabric performance and design freedom...

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