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Marking notes with a highlighter, close-up, university education

Trauma-Informed Practice should be the norm, not the exception

Dr Paula Christie, Research and Enhancement at College Development Network, highlights the importance of implementing trauma-informed practice to help students as they enter the learning environment.
Measure tape close up view on white background fit concept overweight or obesity

Is the UK Government’s childhood obesity programme working?

How has the UK Government’s National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), designed to tackle childhood obesity, impacted child and parent mental health? 
Austerity protesters march on Parliament in opposition to government spending cuts on March 26, 2011 in London, UK. An estimated 250,000 people took part in the TUC organised rally.

Can the UK cope with another round of austerity measures?

As the UK prepares for its longest recession yet, amidst a cost-of-living crisis, are the government ready to help the people through its harsh austerity measures?
British pound notes and coins

Why is the value of the British pound falling and what is a mini...

The British pound has fallen below the US dollar, as the Tory ‘mini budget’ enacts the biggest tax cuts seen in 50 years.
Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistan climate change: One third of the country is underwater

With the death toll rising to over 1200 people, Pakistan suffers the burden of climate change with extreme floods.
Food bank/food shelter. Volunteer handing over bowl of hot food to person in canteen

USDA invests $2 billion in food banks and school meal programs

USDA will provide nearly $2 billion in additional funding to food banks and school meal programs for purchasing American-grown foods.
UK 13 AMP Socket tester showing plug working correctly

Do more to tackle energy poverty

Ioannis Vardakastanis, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, argues that the EU and Member States must do more to tackle energy poverty and protect vulnerable consumers.
Patient waiting for a doctor in a NHS hospital

Poorer people are burdened with reducing healthcare carbon emissions

Healthcare carbon emissions are to receive an 80% reduction in the NHS, but this could continue exacerbating existing health equalities.
A street of boarded up derelict houses in Liverpool

Nobody’s Home: How can councils get empty homes back into use?

With the cost-of-living crisis at an unaffordable high, councils need to address empty homes and how they can benefit from having new occupants.
rajapaksa, economic crisis, Sri Lanka protests

Sri Lanka protests prompt a state of emergency following an economic crisis

Sri Lanka protests have ousted President Rajapaksa over disputes of the worst economic crisis the country has faced since gaining independence.
predictive modelling, covid-19

How predictive modelling can future-proof the public sector

Spiralling inflation, rising energy bills and an escalating cost of living crisis have left millions of people struggling to afford basic necessities; could future predictive modelling stop this from happening again.
poverty trap, assets

Asset transfer programmes could pull people out of the poverty trap

When rural poor people get a one-time capital boost, it helps them accumulate assets and find better occupations - pulling them from the poverty trap.
high inflation, taxes

High inflation leaves 1.3 million people facing poverty 

The Spring Statement unveils more hits to standards of living in the UK, where millions face high inflation rates and rising costs.
global tax abuse, tax evasion

Money lost to global tax abuse could prevent 600,000 child deaths

Millions of lives around the world could be improved by tackling global tax abuse – including greater access to basic sanitation and more children in schools.
academic breaks, disadvantaged backgrounds

People who take academic breaks less likely to continue studying

People who take academic breaks after high school are less likely to enrol in higher education – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
uk inflation 7%, lower income households

It’s expensive to be poor: UK inflation to reach 7% in 2022

Inflation, tax, energy, gas, food, and travel costs are all expected to rise in 2022 – hitting lower income households the hardest across, with UK inflation at 7%.
unfair inequality, u.s economy

US has second highest level of ‘unfair inequality’ globally

Economists define inequality as unfair if people have unequal opportunities or insufficient resources to make ends meet.
poverty carbon emissions, un sustainable development goals

The fight against poverty would not solve carbon emissions

Research highlights that fighting poverty would not change existing climate goals, as richer countries are substantially more responsible for carbon emissions.
heat waves lowest-income

Lowest-income populations face 40% more exposure to heat waves

Rising global temperatures are creating imminent heat waves, which are set to impact poorer populations more substantially than wealthier ones.
child poverty mental health, externalising disorders

Can child poverty stimulate mental health disorders in adulthood?

Children who grew up in poverty have a higher likelihood of developing externalising disorders when in adulthood, especially amongst girls.

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