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deforestation of a rainforest causing carbon emissions

30% higher carbon emissions produced by deforestation than climate change

The Atlantic Rainforest’s carbon storage capacity has been affected by deforestation due to human activity – with carbon emissions worse than those produced by climate change.
Young people walking in a tropical forest in Danum Valley in Borneo

International Youth Day: Rural young people and sustainable living

Open Access Government interviews María Fernanda Ghiso, an expert in Youth Inclusion at the Rainforest Alliance, to understand the role of young people and the environment.
Tree death, carbon, climate change

Tree death contributes to climate change more than you’d think

Trees hold an important place in global climate change efforts, but with tree deaths increasing, could they do more harm than good?
megafires, forest microbes

Forest microbes that can survive and even thrive from megafires

Research from UC Riverside finds that fungi and bacteria can survive redwood tanoak forest megafires – they can even increase in number after feeling the flames.
regenerated forests, tropical reforestation

One-third of regenerated forests in Brazil are destroyed again

Reforestation efforts are not ideal for natural regeneration – as one-third of forests are cut down again, after just 4 to 8 years of regeneration.
forest biome

Earths coldest forest biome is heating up

Northern Arizona University researchers have drawn attention to rising temperatures that are causing Earths coldest forest to shift northward.
conflict agriculture, peace agreements

Increased pressure on forests after peace agreements in Colombia

Periods of political conflict and peace in Colombia have been shown to lessen and increase deforestation, due to fluctuations in agricultural practices.
natural regeneration, deforestation

Natural regeneration can rapidly re-grow tropical forests

Allowing forests to naturally re-grow has been shown to be an effective strategy in tropical forests, reversing deforestation at a fast rate.

40% of undiscovered tree species will be found in South America

According to new data, there are 73,274 different species of tree on Earth - with another 9,186 still to be discovered.

Social distancing could protect trees from environmental disasters 

Research suggests less crowded trees have higher chances of survival after fire, insect infestation and the ongoing march of climate change.
tropical governments, deforestation

Scientists examine the impact of deforestation on tropical governments

Panama and other governments of tropical countries set out to understand how to inhibit deforestation and deliver reforestation tactics following the COP26 conference.
food production

Is it possible to feed the growing population without destroying forests?

Nur Bahar and Terry Sunderland illustrate why it is important to challenge the narrative of ‘food production-at-all-cost’ at the expense of our forests.
local ecological knowledge

Using local ecological knowledge to monitor Amazon wildlife

An international study demonstrates the importance of local ecological knowledge for conservation in the Amazon, proving to be more accurate than 10 years of conventional scientific studies.
bird species

How has climate change effected birds’ bodies?

New research finds that climate change affecting the Amazon rainforest has also developed issues with its bird species, adjusting the body and wing length of resident birds.
president bolsonaro genocide, amazon indigenous

Indigenous group sues President Bolsonaro for “genocide”

The Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) filed a case with the International Criminal Court (ICC), claiming that Brazilian President Bolsonaro has pushed "intentional anti-Indigenous policy" since 2019.
carbon absorbing effect, carbon absorbing

California fires decrease natural carbon absorbing effect by 9%

In California, wildfires are a horrific, regular occurrence - now, scientists warn that the natural carbon absorbing effect of the forests will decrease by atleast 9%.
legal mining areas, rainforest

Study finds 20% of forest space overlaps with legal mining areas

The study finds that 20% of existing forests overlap with legal mining and oil extraction areas - a space roughly the size of Egypt.
tropical forests, LEF

The resilience of tropical forests to natural and anthropogenic disturbance

Here, Jess K. Zimmerman at the University of Puerto Rico explains the resilience of tropical forests to natural and anthropogenic disturbance - including the impact of climate change.
illegal mining in amazon, mercury amazon

Illegal mining in Amazon releases mercury into Indigenous lands

The illegal mining of the Amazon rainforest continues through the COVID pandemic, with Indigenous communities experiencing the double-hit of mercury poisoning and "imminent violence".
natural disturbance, forest

The resilience of tropical forests to natural disturbance

Professor Jess K. Zimmerman from the University of Puerto Rico, explains how natural disturbances, such as hurricanes, can affect the Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF).

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