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economic development, climate change

How does economic development impact climate change?

Professor Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), discusses how economic development impacts climate change.
environmental research,

Environmental research in Africa: The Congo Biogeochemistry Observatory

Dr Sebastian Doetterl, group leader of the Congo Biogeochemistry Observatory, discusses environmental research in the heart of Africa.
conservation success stories, ecosystem

Six conservation success stories of 2019

When nature is eroding and ecosystems are coming under increasing stress, it can seem like the only reaction is despair: However, there are also inspiring conservation success stories from 2019.
palm oil, indigenous forest

Indonesian palm oil: “When we lost the forest, we lost everything”

New research shows that Indigenous people in Indonesia are losing their ancestral land to palm oil plantations, in ongoing government sanctioned burnings of forest areas.
burning trees

The UK must cut emissions, not forests

Sasha Stashwick, a senior advocate at Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has spent years lobbying the government to reduce its reliance on burning trees for energy, here she highlights the steps we must take to avoid further ecological and environmental damage.
protect amazon rainforest

Ecuadorian women face violence to protect Amazon rainforest

Ecuador will not stop attacks against Indigenous women, who are receiving death threats and physical beatings for protecting the Amazon rainforest: What does President Moreno want out of this?
Uk palm oil sustainability, animal extinction

How is UK palm oil sustainability stopping deforestation?

In this article, the role of UK companies via palm oil sustainability is examined as part of the cure to animal extinction.
Forest structure

Large-scale 3D mapping of forests

Peter Krzystek, Professor for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at Munich University of Applied Sciences tells about new investigations into the 3D mapping of forests.
rainforest mining

Brazil backtracks on plans to open up Amazon reserve to rainforest mining

The Brazillian President Michel Temer has backtracked on plans to open the Renca Reserve in the Amazon up to rainforest mining The President sparked outrage when he announced the plans to allow rainforest mining in August this year, with campaigners calling it the 'biggest attack on the Amazon in 50...

Brazilian president gives greenlight to rainforest mining

Brazil has given the go ahead for rainforest mining in a large national reserve in the Amazon ' the size of Denmark', said to be rich in gold The Brazillian government has given up a large area of the rainforest, formerly a national reserve, allowing mining companies to excavate the area...

Protecting tropical forests worldwide

Vidar Helgesen, Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment answers AGs questions about how Norway is contributing to sustainable development by reducing deforestations in the worlds tropical forests. As part of their International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), Norway has pledged up to 3 billion NOK a year to help save the...

Forest engineering, the backbone of timber and fiber supply

Forests and some of the services they provide have been prominently on the international agenda, gaining considerable public attention: conservation, biodiversity, carbon storage, recreation or wilderness are the most notable issues thereof. Although those services only came on the public agenda from the 1960s, they have dominated the set...

Managing the forests of Switzerland

Forests play a pivotal role in the environment, here AG assesses how Switzerland’s forests are maintained. Forests not only act as places of tranquillity and recreation, but also play a major role in providing essential services and resources for people, plants and animals. Across the globe, forests contribute substantially to...

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