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coronary inflammation

Novel imaging biomarker to help predict coronary inflammation discovered

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic, University of Oxford, and University of Erlangen have identified a novel imaging biomarker – and found it can be used to predict all-cause and cardiac mortality by measuring inflammation of fatty tissue surrounding the coronary arteries
Heart Age Test

Heart Age Test gives early warning of heart attack and stroke

Public Health England (PHE) is calling for adults to take a free, online Heart Age Test, which will provide an immediate estimation of their 'heart age' to help prevent heart attacks and strokes
Stroke Association

Understanding stroke in the UK

Esmee Russell from the Stroke Association reveals the extent of stroke as a major health issue in the UK today
stroke foundation

The impact of stroke

Australian Stroke Foundation details the impact that a stroke can have on people of all ages plus how it can be prevented and treated
stroke patients

New research of the eye could alter the way stroke patients are assessed and...

Research into curious bright spots in the eyes on stroke patients’ brain images could one day alter the way they are assessed and treated A team of scientists at the National Institutes of Health found that a chemical routinely given to stroke patients undergoing brain scans can leak into their...

How hypnosis could help the UK become a healthier nation

Research has found that the UK has the unhealthiest diet in Europe, consuming junk food that is as addictive as hard drugs but, hypnosis could be the key to eating healthier The UK currently consumes more processed food than Portugal, and four times higher than France, Greece or Italy. 50% of...

New figures show larger proportion of strokes in the middle-aged

Statistics released by Public Health England have found that over a third of first-time strokes happen in middle-aged adults In England, one in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime, and new statistics released by Public Health England (PHE) show that 57,000 people had their first-time stroke in 2016. It...
heart attacks and strokes

New approach to preventing heart attacks and strokes announced

A new drive from the NHS and Public Health England (PHE) to help prevent heart attacks and strokes has been announced today
stroke in young people

The impact of stroke in young people

Jukka Putaala from the European Stroke Organisation outlines the effects of stroke in young people compared to stroke in the older generation

Shining a light on brain functionality after stroke

Professor Saverio Pavone, of the European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy and Department of Physics highlights the latest advances in stroke research
improvements in stroke care

Improvements in stroke care, awareness and early detection

Frederic Destrebecq, Vinciane Quoidbach and Alison Turner at the European Brain Council discuss improvements in stroke care, awareness-raising and early detection Stroke is a leading cause of disability and mortality among adults. It is the third cause of death worldwide and the first cause of acquired disability.1 Despite improvements in...

Spontaneous brain plasticity brings hope after stroke

Stroke is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, but research into spontaneous brain plasticity could offer hope for recovery Among the main causes of brain injury, ischemic or haemorrhagic stroke burdens the life of hundreds of thousands of people each year. Approximately half of the survivors are susceptible...

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